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26. huhtikuu 2023

Do not use this app for Zalando. First of all, when you connect and sync, it will convert product SKUs to product IDs from Shopify. Why? Because that's better according to the support. It does not matter that your products on zalando are added by SKU and zalando requires you to add products with SKUs and specify SKUs on documents added to the shipped order. Secondly, you wait a very long time for support responses. Third, Koongo is able to completely mess up the prices of products, by doing so, it swaps SKUs with other products. I was waiting 24h for the support to correct SKU's so it will show correct prices on Zalando. I told them that I will leave bad opinion if the won't help. And I had to change it on my own :-)
Fourth most important, it is unsuitable for syncing orders from Zalando, because there is no way to send a return shipping number back to Zalando. What is mandatory. The support has no idea how Zalando works, they keep asking about things they should know if they offer to sync your store.

The application is quite complicated, if you manage to set it up it works quite well for syncing stock and prices. But for just one functionality it is way too expensive.

3 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
Koongo vastasi 10. heinäkuu 2023


I'm sorry for the difficulties you faced while setting up your Zalando connection. As discussed, you had previous listings created on Zalando and your product prices were affected by an incorrect initial product feed configuration.

In Koongo, you have the possibility to specify the Shopify attribute that will serve as your Zalando SKU, there's no issue with that. Additionally, Koongo supports Zalando shipping & return tracking codes sync., however, it is crucial these codes to be available within your Shopify platform.

In case you would like to give Koongo a second chance, we will be happy to assist you from the very beginning.

Kind regards,

14. maaliskuu 2021

Strange it doesn't work for me. :( I installed the version, then after that I've got directed to Koongo, and have it installed that. The version disappeared from my apps. And, with the new version while it was installed to my store, I was unable to do anything at all.

Sunshine Store
11 minuuttia sovelluksen käyttöä
Koongo vastasi 15. maaliskuu 2021

In this case, it seems you installed the specific BOL app and the General Koongo app afterwards, the general app installation deactivated the former BOL app installed. We can take care of your integration and reset your Trial period. Can you please get in touch with us at Thanks!