Kraken Recommends

Kraken Recommends

av 42Hertz PTE LTD

Personalized Recommendations to Increase Sales Revenue

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Om Kraken Recommends

Sell more with Kraken Recommends

Online shoppers commonly want:

  1. An easier way to find products similar to their interests
  2. The shop to display relevant products
  3. Additional information aligning their interests

Kraken Recommends alleviates these problems and displays user-specific recommendations that helps with cross selling, increasing average order size and drive-up sales revenue for the store.

How does Kraken Recommends work?

Kraken Recommends uses machine learning algorithms to generate personalized recommendations and provides a variety of widgets for each shopper. The machine learning algorithms continuously learn and improve recommendations based on shoppers’ purchasing and browsing patterns

You can do a detailed deep dive into the app's performance on your store. The widget can easily be customized and configured at the click of a button.

The widgets can be placed on all your “Home page”, “Cart page”, “Product page”, “Collection page”, “Blog Page”, “Search Page” and “404 Error page”.

The widget configuration tool provides the flexibility of placing a range of widgets on the click of a button.


Without information like products list or orders placed by your customers, widgets mentioned below are not rendered on specific pages.

Widget Categories:

  1. You May Like: Displays products based on shoppers’ browsing and purchase history
  2. Frequently Bought Together: Cross-sell to shoppers by showing products frequently purchased together. Helps increase average basket size and promotes selling bundles
  3. Related Items: Recommend products that match product description, title and other attributes that match the tag
  4. Best Selling Items: Displays top selling products over the past 7 days
  5. Recently Viewed Items: Help shoppers keep a track of their viewed items and remind them of their previous selections
  6. Trending Items: Displays top viewed and most-clicked products
  7. You May Also Consider: Up-sell by showing products similar to the items in the cart page

With its one click installation and high degree of personalization, Kraken Recommends makes for a smart choice to help increase customer engagement, improve customer retention and drive sales

About Us:

Kraken Recommends was developed by a team of data scientists and retail experts who have over 20 years of experience collectively and have previously deployed various machine learning and artificial intelligence projects.



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1.5% of the revenue generated by the App. Please check our FAQ page ( for more information

3.0 av 5 stjärnor

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