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SEO Doctor

SEO Doctor

Developed by SEO Doctor

244 reviews
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  • Get your SEO issues fixed by an SEO expert
  • Improve your shop’s visibility on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Drive organic traffic to your shop and increase sales

If you’re serious about maximizing sales, you can’t afford to ignore Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most important things you can do to make your site more visible to online customers. If done properly, SEO can drive a horde of free, highly targeted traffic EVERYDAY to your shop.

Diagnose your shop’s SEO issues for FREE

Get a FREE Diagnosis Report of the SEO health of your shop. You’ll be surprised by the issues preventing your shop from ranking higher on search engines!

In the Report, we provide a list of the issues as well as recommendations for how to fix them. If you would like an expert to take care of everything, you'll be able to request a quote in one click.

With SEO, a real person is better than a plugin

Are you using SEO software or a plugin? That is a good first step, but nothing beats having a real human expert go in and fix things properly, by hand.

World-class SEO services on a budget

We are professionals in Search Engine Optimization, and we pride ourselves on doing quality work on any budget.

Our services include:

  • URL Optimization

  • Page Content Optimization

  • Keywords Analysis & Optimization
  • Meta Tag Analysis & Optimization
  • Hyperlink Analysis and Optimization

  • Google Webmaster Tools check and so much more.

SEO is an invaluable investment that will pay off hundreds of times over. After your site is well-optimized, sit back, and watch an avalanche of traffic (and sales) come in!

Install the app now to get a FREE SEO Checkup and SEO Report.

SEO Doctor reviews (244)


Great app. Deserves the 5 stars


Good app. Loved it and everyone should use it.


Great App, It was easy to use and very helpful.


Simple and clear overview of possible SEO issues. Easy to fix on your own with the help of Google, but couldn't have found some of the issues without SEO Doctor!


There might be a more outgoing, informative, helpful team supporting an app somewhere else in the world... good luck finding them! "Support" isn't quite the right word - exceptionally dedicated to helping you succeed is more like it! Amazingly helpful, and amazingly willing to help!


Super nice to work with. Also, they respond very quickly and are so willing to help! They are very real people, highly recommend them! Appreciate the extra tips and support!


Excellent little tool, easy to use.


Great app. It can help you to figure it out your SEO problems


I have found SEO Doc very useful. It pointed me to many areas that needed work. I saw the SEO boxes at the bottom of the pages, but hadn't delved into them. And grading each page has really helped me refine my messaging.

A Shopify Guru recommended this app to me during a support call as one that he uses and liked.

It doesn't collect all pages tho, such as my Blog.


Awesome Free App!..Was able to scan my site and let me know problem ares and how to fix them.I am a Newbie myself and would recommend this app to all.
Great App!


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SEO Doctor
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