FAQ & Accordion Template

FAQ & Accordion Template

de KungFu Work

Multiple templates for creating an attractive FAQ & Accordion.

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Easy-to-use interfacece

You can easily create a professional FAQ page without technical knowledge.Save your time! so you can better focus on other matters.


There are many options available in FAQ & Accordion Templates for customizing the functionality and look of your FAQs.

Display FAQS On Product Page

You can add FAQS to product page which helps to increase sales & operation efficiency.

Acerca de FAQ & Accordion Template

Remarks: If you use Google Ads, it is not recommended to install this app. May cause the store to be rejected by Google Ads.

What's FAQ & Accordion Templates?

FAQ & Accordion Templates is an easy and responsive FAQ plugin which can build a help center to manage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on your store and cut down on support email. It provides more than 10+ FAQ Templates to meet the style needs of different stores. It has a lot of cool features, such as custom FAQ templates, Fonts, Colors, etc.

Create an FAQ & Accordion Templates

  • Create a new FAQ accordions in the Dashboard
  • Select the Template
  • Set questions and answers
  • Select the display page in Setting
  • Click save to publish the FAQ.

Style the FAQ & Accordion Templates(optional)

You can style your FAQ to ensure it fits your site's brand or stands out from your site's content. When you Create or Edit a FAQ, click the advanced and you can style the FAQ as follow:

  • Accordion Icon
  • Font Size
  • Align

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it was exactly what i was looking for, really helpful, good price, you can add faq page for all of your products


SCAM... I have pay and the app don't work
I have test all the display function, "all page" "products pages" "page_url"...nothing don't work


This app tanked my store's performance. It worked well at first, but over time I noticed my webpage's performance slow. Once I deleted this app my performance was boosted significantly.