Social Seller Marketing

Social Seller Marketing

door kwarkium

Generate more sales with our social seller marketing solution

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Easily create Kampaigns

Easily create and manage your global Social Seller Kampaign within minutes.

Get products promoted

Social Sellers chose and generate their personalised Koupons and distribute them to their friends and family. This results in more sales.

Get Social Sellers rewarded

We pay your Social Sellers automatically according to your predefined rewards.

Over Social Seller Marketing

This Shopify App is simple to activate and facilitates direct communication, technical integration and tracking connection with Social Sellers (individuals who love your products and are eager to promote them) that are active in the kwarkium network.

Once the App is enabled, you will be ready to create and manage your “kampaign” activities on the kwarkium platform. Thousands of social sellers can then apply for your “kampaigns” and advertise your Shopify store and drive new customers.

Social seller marketing works on a performance model, where you pay a commission to referral partners (social sellers) only at the point of a confirmed purchase (typically a % of the sale value).

The App is the only integration needed for Shopify stores. As the store owner, you have the complete freedom to design social seller “kampaigns” exactly as you like on the kwarkium platform. Social Sellers can then create personalised “koupon” codes on the kwarkium platform based on your defined logic, which will automatically be integrated into your Shopify store.

The App constantly tracks all sales made with a “koupon” and the results can be viewed on the kwarkium platform by logging in to your kwarkium account.

During the installation process of the App, you will be asked to create a brand account on kwarkium, if you have not one already. You will be guided step-by-step through the registration process. The connection between your Shopify store and your kwarkium account through this App will be established automatically after you have validated it.

It's that simple: more revenue, more freedom, less uncertainty, and less time needed. So start social selling now!





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