Kynship: Influencer Seeding

Kynship: Influencer Seeding

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Easily Send Your Product To Influencers In No Time

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Fully Integrated

Your products, your influencers, your orders - all seamlessly integrated into your store.

Saves Time

Create orders in no time by efficiently sending multiple products to multiple different influencers.

Easily Trackable

Easily find specific orders or individuals through the campaign tagging feature as well as create reports of how much product you’ve sent.

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Why You Should Use The App

  • "Seeding": sending a product out to influencers free of cost.

Influencer Marketing already takes so much time, but getting influencers the product shouldn't.

One of the greatest influences on purchase decisions comes from the recommendations of people you trust. This makes getting product into the hands of those people extremely valuable. Product seeding gives your brand the opportunity to reach an influencer with a “no strings attached” approach. Over time you’re quickly able to identify the people and influencers rallying around your brand, and by using the Kynship App - you can speed up this process! Impress the new influencers or quickly get product to your already biggest fans.

Save Time Taking Care of Your Influencers

Take care of your "Kyn" more easily through our all-in-one seeding app. Send one, two, or all your products to any and every influencer within your store. Fully integrated, each influencer is treated as a customer. Instead of creating individual back-end orders for each one, do it all in a matter of a few clicks.

*Note - mass upload your list of influencers in the same fashion that you would upload a customer list - Customers > Import Customers > Upload CSV file

How It Works:

  1. Search by name or tag and add the applicable influencers
  2. Pick out the product(s) you want to send them
  3. Review & Send!

Reporting Feature:

  • Wondering how much product you’ve sent out to a specific influencer? Use the reporting feature to keep track. You can search for the orders you’ve sent out by tag or find them through given time period.
  • Have a cap on how much product you can send? See in real-time the COGS you’ve sent to each person.

Tagging Feature:

  • Have a big product launch and want to get it out to all your influencers? You have the ability to tag under one tag. Example below: "#Brand_ShoeJanuary"
  • Search your influencers by name or tag. Sending one influencer a product? Tag them with ex: “#influencerteam” or “#ambassdor_new”






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31 Bits

Incredibly convenient. Takes so much of the manual work out of creating orders for influencer seeding. If you're seeding at all, this is pretty much a no-brainer.


Kynship has made influencer mailings a breeze! Before using the app, we filled out spreadsheet after spreadsheet with influencer mailing information which was causing headaches for both the marketing and warehouse teams. Now, we can bulk send in just a few clicks. Because the app integrates directly into Shopify, there's less mess and our whole team is happy. Cody from the Kynship team is also fantastic and addressed all of the many questions my team and I had. Cannot recommend this app enough!

Dozen Boxing

Influencer seeding made easy! This app was instrumental in helping us to get our products into the right hands efficiently. More importantly, it kept orders organized and easy to track. Kudos to the team at Kynship!