Laibot is an AI email bot for smart customer service.

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AI Emailbot 7*24 Online

Reply in real time without jet lag. Responding to customers in global languages.

Catch Your Customers

Understand in depth what the user is saying and give an accurate response. Don't let customers wait and lose.

Easy Setting but Huge Earning

Easy to operate. It can be used just after authorized shop.

Su Laibot

Laibot is an AI email service bot for global sellers. With its superior AI technology, Laibot can understand users' intentions through semantics to reply the email. Laibot can reduce the workload of human customer service.

Merchant can add any email address to Laibot, Customer send email to merchants email address, Laibot responds to the customer according to the response rules set by the merchant.

Laibot Guarantee

· Make customers more satisfied

· Deal with customer problems more efficiently

· Win sales from your competitors with increased positive reviews

· Save time on software operations

· Focus on customer service and sales

More features

· Built-in autoresponder

· Support languages around the world

· Auto-translate & AI responses

· Instantly respond with live chat

About Laibot

Our mission is to create a world in which people and companies can interact without friction or frustration.

Laibot is an Omni-Channel Enterprise Conversational Computing Platform provider. Rooted in academia, Its SaaS platform enables companies to build automated virtual assistants (VAs) for customer service, marketing, sales, logistics, and HR use cases and has been deployed across a wide variety of industries.

Laibot-powered VAs help companies automate many human-centered processes to create a fast and frictionless experience for employees and customers. Its self-serve platform allows business users to create and evolve bots with minimal use of precious IT resources. Laibot was recently recognized by Forbes, Gartner, Forrester, and Bloomberg.

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