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7. September 2023

Very hard to do the Integration and contact slow respon

Etwa 2 monate mit der App
Lalamove: Deliver Faster hat geantwortet 22. September 2023

Thank you for your feedback. We looked into it and it seems you had trouble registering an account and enabling some key functions in your store's settings. We are aware this has been resolved successfully already by our sales representative. If you have any further issues, please feel free to reach out to us again anytime. Thank you once again for your support towards Lalamove.

6. Januar 2023


La Carniceria Virtual
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
7. Juni 2022

Still my preferred apps to use for delivery, instant and able to cater to my request. Great explanation from Christie & Jack from lalamove too!

8 monate mit der App
11. Juli 2022

I've saved so much time booking deliveries because of this app. Absolutely love how all the customer details are auto-filled already. A total time-saver and life-saver! I would suggest, however, to: 1) Show the location map while auto-filling in the details during "Send via Lalamove" window (to make sure that the pin is correct) and 2) be able to use automatic coupons in the same window since I noticed that some coupons can only be used when booking through the website manually. 3) I also noticed that it's quite hard to get riders when the booking is multi-stop. Hope all of these can be improved as it is a great app to start with. Thank you, Lalamove!

Rob & Mara
5 monate mit der App
18. Mai 2022

Your iders are hopeless. please include another before pick up and after pick signature to avoid missing items during deliveries.

11 monate mit der App
18. Juni 2022

Lalamove has been sitting on my installed apps for a long time now and we've actually used it once or twice only. It's really nice to have auto-filled customer details but there are 2 significant features for businesses that are very important: 1. Having our customers to pay option is only for Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus or annual billing for Shopify plans - maybe you can consider this not being limited. Especially for small business e-commerce sites where most customers are always the ones booking and paying the delivery based on the calculated rate. Otherwise, businesses like us will opt to book next-day pick-up using other courier services since we are offering dry food anyway. 2. Checkout option using Lalamove - Since pick-up orders are available for Shopify, why not add an option where customers will be redirected to their Lalamove account? If we do same-day delivery, upon checkout we need to add a note that they can book any same-day delivery and pay their own delivery balance. This gives our customers an option to use other competitors' delivery apps. These two also limit us to use Lalamove Shopify app even though we regularly book orders with your default app. Your Shopify app has more potential especially that Grab PH is not even supported locally. Hope you can consider these two. It will be a big help for us, small businesses.

8 monate mit der App
26. Oktober 2022

Riders will ask you to cancel if they don't like the drop-off point. You will be forced to utilize the other delivery apps.

Beyond Alpha
6 monate mit der App
12. August 2022

Good day, I've recently added this app to my Shopidy store, but every and any location I add shows that my Pick-up and Drop-off address is not available for ANY kind of vehicle. I would like some help on this if possible. Thank you.

Dear Pets PH
9 monate mit der App
Lalamove: Deliver Faster hat geantwortet 15. August 2022

Hi Dear Pets PH,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Our team has investigated and it's caused by some city configuration issues in your store's backend and we are aware that this has been resolved successfully already.

Please let us know if there's further questions! Thanks once again for your support towards Lalamove.

Bearbeitet am 26. August 2021

Problems encountered during the communication process will be dealt with in time for me
The best app in the near future

Etwa ein monat mit der App
22. Oktober 2021

Really convenient! Hoping for more features where customer can see their estimated delivery fee based on location.

Relx Cebu
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