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  • Maximize Revenue by increasing conversions & reducing bounces
  • Recommendation widgets personalized for each customer
  • State-of-art technology provided by ex-Googlers & ex-Grouponers

Maximize Revenue by showing your customers highly personalized recommendation widgets

- State-of-art technology, yours for FREE!

- Maximize revenue by adapting your online store for each customer based on their past browsing or purchase patterns, search queries, relationship between products, and other aggregated signals. Landable uses this data to automatically (and almost instantaneously) generate widgets that show the most relevant products to the customer, thereby reducing bounces, increasing conversions, and increasing revenue!


Widget Details

  • 'You Searched For' widget:Your customers will find the right products on the very first page they visit, because Landable finds what they had searched for, and dynamically matches the search-query against various products that your store has. It then shows the best-matching products (almost instantaneously) to the customer in a widget called, 'You Searched For.' This widget dramatically increasing the conversion rates and revenue because of its direct relevance to what the customer was looking for. More Details

  • 'You Previously Viewed' widget:If a customer browses three handbags, and then goes to the product page of the fourth one, there is still a strong chance that she would be interested in buying the previously viewed bags -- she just needs a little reminder. Landable will present the previously viewed bags to the customer, even if she comes back to the site two days later. Our widget, 'You Previously Viewed' makes sure she does not forget about the great products she discovered on your store earlier. More Details

  • 'People Who Bought This Also Bought' widget:Many products are bought in groups. For example, an iPad is bought along with an iPad case. Landable clusters your products in groups based on the frequency in which they are bought together. These groups are then presented to customers in a widget called 'People Who Bought This Also Bought.' More Details

  • 'People Who Saw This Also Saw' widget:Just like the 'People Who Bought This Also Bought' widget, 'People Who Saw This Also Saw' widget groups products that are viewed together. More Details

More widgets are added frequently. If you want a specific kind of widget, please let us know at help@landable.com, and we'll add it as soon as we can.


No Configuration Required

- Everything in Landable works out-of-box, and there is no configuration required. We strongly believe that technology should work for you, not the other way round. However, if you do want to customize, you will love our easy-yet-powerful customization controls. More Details


In-depth reports

- Landable provides an in-depth analysis of the impact of Landable's optimizations. The data is equally divided into Control and Test groups to help you measure our effectiveness.

- In addition, you can get details about specific Landable widget views and clicks. This helps you understand which widgets get the most number of views and clicks, and are the most effective for your store.

- More Details


About Us

We are ex-Googlers and ex-Grouponers, with a deep background in e-commerce, data mining, machine learning, and search. We have developed systems that can run on a gigantic scale, handling terabytes of data, and using thousands of servers. We are now bringing the same technologies used by large data companies to businesses like yours. Together, let's level the playing-field! More Details


Completely FREE!

You read that right! This technology is yours for FREE!

Nothing is free in life! What's the catch?

Good question! We are building many tools for businesses like yours. We will charge a reasonable price for some of them. But, if you start using our recommendation widgets while they are offered for free, we will never charge you for them.



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