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  • Create professional landing pages in seconds without any coding
  • Direct integration with your Shopify store so there's no more need for additional domains to host your landing pages
  • Library of professional, high-conversion templates that are simple to customize using our drag and drop page builder

Landing Pages in Seconds

With just a few mouse clicks, you can create beautiful landing pages that convert visitors into buyers.

Landing Wizard comes complete with a library of professionally designed, real-world tested landing page templates that are ready to go. Customizing them is a breeze with our easy-to-use page builder.

Keep it all in Shopify!

That's right. There's no more need to use an external landing page service that doesn't integrate with your Shopify store. Now your landing pages can be hosted on your regular store domain name.

Drag and Drop Page Builder

As web developers ourselves, it's a bit painful to admit that now, all you need to know how to do is drag and drop to create professional landing pages. It's really that simple.

With that said, Landing Wizard has quite a bit of power under the hood for those of you who really want to customize things and appreciate having full control. In fact, if you want, you can directly access all the code that goes into making your page, so advanced users have complete control over their pages.

Of course, most of you will be happy to keep things simple and that's exactly how we've designed Landing Wizard. Drag and drop to add embedded, responsive YouTube and Vimeo videos, forms, images, text, Google fonts, and more!

Mobile Device Preview, Live Preview of Changes, SEO tools, Built-in Image Editor, Professional Themes!

Honestly, there are so many features we haven't even mentioned. This is hands down one of the best drag and drop page builders you'll ever use.

Check out how your page will look on different mobile devices without ever leaving the page editor! You can also preview any changes you make before publishing to your live site. Easily add SEO page descriptions, titles, and tags. Change the look of your page by switching between any of our professionally designed themes with the click of a button.

Once your masterpiece is done, you can save it as your own template for use on your next campaign!

No Limits!

Unlike most other landing page services, we don't have a limit on the number of pages you can build. You can have as many active pages as you like! Better yet, they'll all be set up on your actual Shopify store's domain name so you'll actually be driving traffic right to your store rather than a separate domain name you've set up just for landing pages.

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UPDATE!: After leaving my honest review below (and suggestion to clear up any confusion for future customers) I received a very unprofessional email from the developers. Which included: "It's extremely unfair of you to give us such a low rating based on your lack of understanding. We do not claim to be a home page builder. We are a landing page builder. Please do some research before you bash my product. I'm not a big company that doesn't care about this stuff. I'm a single developer who worked on this tool for over a year and your harsh review really has an impact."

It's one thing to contact a customer in an attempt to satisfy the customer, but it is entirely another when you make contact in effort to ridicule them for providing an honest review. My criticism was entirely about the name!!! I did not engage in any "bashing" of the product. *Smh


According to the dictionary: land·ing page noun "the section of a website accessed by clicking a hyperlink on another web page, typically the website's home page."

This isn't a "landing page" app, it's merely a page creator app. In other words the app only allows you to create a new page but that page never becomes your "landing page" or your "front page" to your website.
They do not offer any support to help you place one of the created pages on your site as the actual "landing page" of your site.

When asked about the functionality of the app as a true landing page creator, the support team stated "Hi Jessica, A landing page, by definition, is simply a page that's used for marketing purposes and typically doesn't include your main site navigation, footer, etc. in an effort to direct the user to a specific outcome."

I believe calling this app "landing wizard" misrepresents what the app actual does. It should just be called page creator because that's all it does.


Would not recommend- customer service is non-responsive. Ended up using another company who's help was immediate and successful. If you need help in a time-sensitive manner, this is not the company to choose.


This app is bull. You can't move or edit anything correctly, and I'm a tech savvy person. Don't waste your time.


The builder has some really nice elements. However the elements are really difficult to move. You cannot drag and highlight lorem ipsum text to remove it or write over it, it moves the whole element. It was too frustrating so I uninstalled the app again.


We love it!! Super easy to create your own based on their fabulous templates!! I can't wait to finish mine and post them online!! Super friendly app and great choices of fonts, colours and features to edit your photos.The customer service is also great, if you have any doubts or you need clarification I strongly recommend this app.


Finally!! Seriously, how long have I been waiting for this app? I've used one of the big landing page services but I always hated the fact that I needed another domain name to host my pages. This app solves that problem and has some pretty cool features to boot. I'll be happy to see them add more templates but the ones it has now are honestly good enough, especially if you like customizing them like I do. The page builder is crazy easy to use and I finally get access to all those Google fonts I always wanted in Shopify! Sweet.

$29.99 / month
30 days


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