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Bewerkt 13 november 2018

Plagued with problems, after months trying to make it work I decided to uninstall it, but and even that is causing errors. The app is stuck in my code, very bad experience and poor support.
I will be complaining to Shopify. I have been using Shopify apps for a few years, this is the only time I have had such a bad experience.
UPDATE 11/13: After the developers FINALLY logged in to my store and deleted their app, they DELETED THE WRONG VERSION. I specifically asked them to remove the Spanish version (in writing via email) and they did exactly the opposite. ALL MY INFORMACION IS GONE. I cannot believe the level of incompetence!

Estilo Uno
Verenigde Staten
6 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 23 maart 2020

extremely buggy app, takes ages to load and doesn't register several strings that are clearly translated.
Translations regularly jump back to old versions. our shop has lost 1000's of dollars in sales because of this app. 100% not recommended, steer away

NIU Pre-sale
Hongkong SAR van China
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Bewerkt 22 februari 2021

The Langify App started changing our Romanian original text on all Collections to English translation. We wrote Langify and to our surprise was being told they thing it is a bug in Shopify and that the Langify developer who can solve this is sick and we need to wait 6 days until he comes back to work.
Today he wrote us he has no idea how to resolve this and passed this further to Shopify. We also have several sites connected to this site and because Langify didn’t properly look when creating collections it did messed up those websites too.
Very disappointed ! Don't even want to think what could have happened if Langify would have translated more than just the Collections title . Would have probably put us out of business for few days.
We asked them to unpublished the English translation and to do the testing somewhere else rather then our websites.
Be careful when working with this App !!!
Removed the App and asked for Refund.

Magazin romanesc "Hermannstadt" Germania
4 maanden gebruiken de app
21 februari 2019

I wanted to test it and now my shop code is full with langify code. I opened a ticket to remove it but they didn't answer. I reccomend to install the translation app "WeGlot". Langify does not translate many buttons like the checkout button. It is the most important one. My search function doesn't work after installing langify and the language switcher is very bad. Don't use this app

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Bewerkt 23 juni 2019

I Dont know why it got so many positive reviews :
1- It has 0 videos tutorials on how to use i didnt find any other video to show one simple things : HOW TO PREVIEW your WORK and could not receive it
2- Sent a message 3 days ago and response from support
3- This is not a translation App , it is a page duplicator ( you Must translate the pages yourself )
any way total waist of my time

Boutique Maman
3 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 2 januari 2019

This app messed up my whole shop, i have to close it now.
The support wanted to help and remove the code completely, now the shop is even worse and I got charged again for the app.

If you install it, there's no way back!

3 maanden gebruiken de app
20 mei 2021

Overall app works okay, however really hard to set text size and font easily. Two pieces of text in same font size in langify are still displayed differently on the actual website... Lots of effort to always check this, already lost sales due to this.

Ongeveer 2 maanden gebruiken de app
langify GmbH & Co. KG heeft geantwoord 31 mei 2021

Johannes from langify here :) Thank you for your honest review! Sorry to hear that you're having issues with the formatting. We're constantly improving the app based on our customer's feedback and will improve the rich text editor to better support the formatting! Feel free to get in touch with us via so that we can further discuss this.

15 februari 2020

Bad experience with this application, I have contacted them to solve problems with some translations on my site, but they have made adjustments that have caused my website in the English version to load very very slowly, now they do not respond and left me with a tremendous problem without solving !!
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Ongeveer 2 maanden gebruiken de app
4 oktober 2018

I used this app to translate my English SHOPIFY store into German and Italian, and was hoping to do so for Spanish and French as well. As we are based in the EU functioning multi-linguality is a must!

First of all, this app DOES NOT TRANSLATE anything. It offers a split mode for you to enter the externally translated text opposite of the original text. You also have to do all formatings again, unless you choose to import the originally formatted text and work directly in that. I like the split screen mode. And the developers offer okay support.

HOWEVER, the biggest drawbacks are so severe that they are business threathening:

1) the search function in SHOPIFY does not take into account any other language version than the basic shop language (i.e. English in my case) - foreing language texts are NON-SEARCHABLE by customers!!!

2) Langify is not compatible with SEO Manager and does not offer any input possibility for SEO-information

Basically this means:

a) You have to translate text yourself or outsource that
b) Langify offers a split-screen input form only
c) Nobody will find your foreign langauge website on Google
d) Site visitors won't be able to search the foreign language content

--> This is useless for real life business!
We are searching for a better option now...

Doris Wagner Cosmetics
Ongeveer 2 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 21 november 2017

Reading all these reviews, I’m not sure I've tried the same app as the other users. We lost an incredible amount of time trying to make it work. Sure, customer support is kind and fast to answer, but this didn’t change much for us. There might still be cases in which Langify could work for you though. But having tried both Weglot and Langify, the very few extra features of Langify really aren’t worth the pain.

1. Your data is not safe (for now?)
- Every single liquid file of your theme will be changed by langify. This is the case because of the way the app works, but this will make your own changes on your theme extremely painful to make. “Deploying” langify on a theme was taking us literally 15 minutes every time. If you don't edit your theme properly in between, good luck to recover your data.
- Have you read about translations import and export? We tried it, and you have to know that theme sections aren’t exported even though it’s nowhere in the documentation. Sections are an essential part of any modern shopify store, yet they can’t be exported from Langify. The files that are exported have clear implementation mistakes anyways, so it will most probably be useless or dangerous to use. Clearly wrong publicity here.
- If you happen to have different store users on langify simultaneously, their work can be erased because there’s only one session for the whole store. So you can’t have two users translating in two different languages simultaneously, otherwise you risk losing everything (which we eventually did, with a language overwritten on another one, and the other one lost).

2. Translating on the langify website is a painful experience
- The admin website is incredibly slow, especially if you try to do Theme translations
- Some pages throw “Error 500”, making you lose your work on the way
- We had to manually contact the support so they could add support to our theme section keys, which is based on a Shopify official theme
- Many things like extra meta fields are absent from the panel

For all these things, I'd have been happy to read the documentation and know about the app's limitations or gotchas, but when you need it, the documentation is way too superficial (just a bunch of screenshots), which obviously makes you have to contact the developer, who is then overwhelmed and can't fix the app. Why not spend a day just documenting everything properly? Maybe this would decrease the amount of daily support tickets.

I don’t mind the absence of some features like automated translations. I mind that the features advertised don’t work properly. All these positive reviews have misled us, and I wish there had been a review warning me about the gotchas of this app before I lost my time.
The dev promised some fixes, but still, the app shouldn’t advertise on features that are not ready, and clearly state what's not working properly yet when it's such vital parts of the app.
Again, it might work out for you if you just want a very basic service, but in this case you're much better off with Weglot anyway.

Note: Even though I'd might have given it maybe 2 or 3 stars, I'm leaving 1 star as a warning for all the things you should know before going with it. I'll be happy to change my review whenever the features listed on this page work properly and don't require the manual intervention of the staff, as any customer can expect.

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