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The customer service is quick, but very brief. They won't go into much detail in their responses often referring to their pre-written help resources which are basic. The customer service team refuse to take video meetings or do product walk-throughs, unfortunately. I think this would be a big plus as a customer, and I recommend they implement this. We use Shogun on our stores and Langify's tool is proving to be incompatible with Shogun pages. Their developer team has escalated the issue and is hoping to get it de-bugged, but they rely on another app in order to do so. It is a bit of a worm-hole and sounds like we won't have it fixed for quite a while rendering the app useless for now. Overall, been pretty disappointed with Langify. It's not intuitive, and if you are not a coder / developer, you might find it hard to pick up. I've had to spend a lot more time than expected just to learn the basic functions. Importing translations from Weglot also doesn't seem to work, so be weary if you're making the switch. The support team has suggested I import directly into Shopify (again, making the solutions they advertise useless).

Shakti Mat Europe

Unable to search for products, customer support does not understand the problem, customer service level is in decline

WGC Shop

really poor experience, x can't translate the strings that edit in other third party app
x takes more than 3 minutes to load the content.
x work really worst with Pagefly, even the page changes a picture, we should go back to Langify to relaunch the translate again (and the poor loading speed makes it really difficult)


Non-efficient customer support. I tried to uninstall the app and it did not remove all their code. After I contacted them they told me no code was left and that was not true and later they have also realized that. They told me to reinstall the app, then to uninstall, then to install again (I have lost hours with this) I still do not have my problem solved and no reply for over 5 hours.

Cultura Portuguesa

Should have let me know it's manual translation app. Time waste. Customer sevice is fast as expected.

Mill's Health Shop

There is no option to translate the contents automatically. Only manual translation which is time consuming.
Customer service was fast and efficient but could be more friendly.

Japanese Taste

Version 1 is ok, but all in a sudden they launched version 2 with a lot of issues.

- Loading slow, very slow
- Functionalities very different with version 1

Confusing and CS is a bit careless.

Vivien Yeo's Beauty Store

Thank you Mr. Wolf from the customer service for helping me making my decision of un-installing the app.
Here's my original review :
"For everyone who's using a paid theme developed by a third party, I do not recommend this app. Because Langify interrupts some key functions, for example, my theme allows customer to preview a variant's photo in a small gallery, but with Langify implemented, the gallery no longer shows properly.
Also, the language switcher is not designed to integrate properly with the theme, it's extremely ugly... For the store owners who already paid $140-180 for a beautiful theme, why ruin everything with the language switcher!!!!"
I didn't contact the customer service after encountering these issues because for 20 minutes, my whole website was completely blank, it gave me a heart-attack. It was Shopify customer service who helped me to roll back and got my website back. I'm sorry but after such a horrible experience, I don't even want to contact customer service.
But after I posted this review, Mr. Michael from customer service contacted me and asked me to give them a second chance, and offered me free services to fix the issues, that's why I reached out. And I have to say, their technical support was very nice, fixed the issues, however, up till now I still see many missing spots where I did translate in the Langify app but didn't show up properly on my website. And the customer service explained that I need to manually add each spot in the "custom" translation. I don't have 365 days on the translation. I want this to be done.
And our lovely Mr. Wolf, sent me a quite strong-worded email, saying that first, I should update my review, because it no longer reflects the truth (which I sadly disagree because it is true that it originally made my code a mess, and for a good enough app who charges 17.5$/month, this should've never happened), and second, Mr. Wolf said he's "surprised" that I never contacted customer service before I left a review. Listen, I appreciate all the great support, but I want an app that works, perfectly, without destroying my code and forcing me to have the customer service spend hours to fix it! And Mr. Wolf's attitude made me think that the awesome support I received was only to have me change my 1-star review.
So here I am, changing my review, I will add an extra star, to thank Mr. Michael and Johannes for all the great help. But hell no I am not happy with this app, and I am uninstalling it now, even though I am already charged for the first month.

Dreamday Paris

I installed the app for two days, then realised that I dd not really need it
And I have spent the last month dealing with the left over code that has caused all sorts of problems on my site, it seems that Im talking to shopify support every day

Ktisis E-shop

I am a starter in Belgium and we speaks 3 languages. I am writing all contents in 2 languages(French and Flemish) what is langify's extra in this history?
To give a possible platform to publish your website in orher language?
I am doing all effort myself. Monthly price proportion of langify/shopify is huge.
Why I can not write second language definitions on shopify?
If we pay for this application shopify shoul integrate this app in CMS like this:
You have to have two languages next to each other to change a product for two languages at the same time.