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Keep in mind they don't have a customer service over the phone, just by email so good luck if you have issue. They don't answer back right away by email so it can take a day to resolve a problem.


fully useless every step must make manually


Pay $ 17 50 for an application that does not work. No thanks ! After 1 year of use, we got tired of it! We have changed ... I do not recommend at all!


Reading all these reviews, I’m not sure I've tried the same app as the other users. We lost an incredible amount of time trying to make it work. Sure, customer support is kind and fast to answer, but this didn’t change much for us. There might still be cases in which Langify could work for you though. But having tried both Weglot and Langify, the very few extra features of Langify really aren’t worth the pain.

1. Your data is not safe (for now?)
- Every single liquid file of your theme will be changed by langify. This is the case because of the way the app works, but this will make your own changes on your theme extremely painful to make. “Deploying” langify on a theme was taking us literally 15 minutes every time. If you don't edit your theme properly in between, good luck to recover your data.
- Have you read about translations import and export? We tried it, and you have to know that theme sections aren’t exported even though it’s nowhere in the documentation. Sections are an essential part of any modern shopify store, yet they can’t be exported from Langify. The files that are exported have clear implementation mistakes anyways, so it will most probably be useless or dangerous to use. Clearly wrong publicity here.
- If you happen to have different store users on langify simultaneously, their work can be erased because there’s only one session for the whole store. So you can’t have two users translating in two different languages simultaneously, otherwise you risk losing everything (which we eventually did, with a language overwritten on another one, and the other one lost).

2. Translating on the langify website is a painful experience
- The admin website is incredibly slow, especially if you try to do Theme translations
- Some pages throw “Error 500”, making you lose your work on the way
- We had to manually contact the support so they could add support to our theme section keys, which is based on a Shopify official theme
- Many things like extra meta fields are absent from the panel

For all these things, I'd have been happy to read the documentation and know about the app's limitations or gotchas, but when you need it, the documentation is way too superficial (just a bunch of screenshots), which obviously makes you have to contact the developer, who is then overwhelmed and can't fix the app. Why not spend a day just documenting everything properly? Maybe this would decrease the amount of daily support tickets.

I don’t mind the absence of some features like automated translations. I mind that the features advertised don’t work properly. All these positive reviews have misled us, and I wish there had been a review warning me about the gotchas of this app before I lost my time.
The dev promised some fixes, but still, the app shouldn’t advertise on features that are not ready, and clearly state what's not working properly yet when it's such vital parts of the app.
Again, it might work out for you if you just want a very basic service, but in this case you're much better off with Weglot anyway.

Note: Even though I'd might have given it maybe 2 or 3 stars, I'm leaving 1 star as a warning for all the things you should know before going with it. I'll be happy to change my review whenever the features listed on this page work properly and don't require the manual intervention of the staff, as any customer can expect.

Judaica Gift Shop

I Have no idea how that app has almost 5 stars...
deserve no more than 2 stars!


So I installed this app and my "ADD TO CART" button stopped working for my English and translated site too. Support was great until this happened then they stopped responding. We're on a NIGHTMARE situation trying to revive our store. STAY AWAY!

PS: Perhaps they went home for the weekend and think it's okay to leave us w/o sales for the whole weekend. STAY AWAY!

Turtle Contacts

I'm sure the app works fine for most, but once we published our translations our cart was broken and no one was able to complete a purchase. We had to roll our theme back to remove all the code and get our store functioning again.

Ce Institute

I am very disappointed in the Langify app and I spent a lot of time trying to set it up to have it ultimately fail. This app DOES NOT translate language on your website. This app appears to simply be an exporter/importer of language, and you have to create your own translations. I don't understand why langify is so highly recommended or has such high reviews nor do I understand langify's ambiguous language/claims about their language service. I installed Panda after the Langify failure and not only is it 1/2 the price of langify, but within 60 seconds of download/installation - my site was translated into about 50 languages - so another app was able to do exactly what I wanted and needed - and it wasn't Langify.


I've used this app for over a year now and we are re-designing our new website. I asked him for help and he just referred me to a guide. He also said, he is busy with new inquiries and I should refer to the guide. Ironically his guide doesn't help. It is most disappointing because we care for all returning and long term customers, but he is busy with new inquiries and old customers are not his priority. Free period is only 3 days and yet I couldn't get anything done for the past 7 days and I am leaving this app.

Skinny Café

The price keeps going up, but the performance is still very amateurish. To charge someone 17.50 for something that you have to do yourself (translating the pages) seems steep. The vendor states he is working on automatic translation, and after almost 1 year using this it has yet to happen. Not impressed.

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