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  • Capture new customer emails
  • Drive social engagement immediately
  • Build a rich customer database

Lasso lives in the corner of your Shopify store and helps you turn anonymous visitors into real customers while driving social engagement.

How It Works

Build and design campaigns to give away coupons or promotions in a beautiful way. Lasso helps you capture emails and profile information on your most valuable customers. Give your customers a great experience and build your email lists and custom audiences rapidly.

Lasso integrates with ToneDen's audience platform, making it easy to engage directly with your customers. You can use the messaging platform to segment and deliver personalized emails or automate Facebook ads to find thousands of new customers that are likely to buy your products.

Setting up Lasso requires no code, just a few button clicks. We give you a simple and intuitive interface to design the right campaign, manage your customer data, and use the data to find new customers across Facebook and Instagram.

Best of all, Lasso is 100% free to install on your Shopify store!

Setup Instructions

  1. Click the green "Get" button on the Shopify store. This will create a free ToneDen account for you, and send you to the Lasso settings page.

  2. Figure out what content you'd like to give away. You can have users unlock coupon codes or downloads in exchange for performing a social action, or you can set up a "Contest" where users perform multiple actions for a chance to win an item of your choice.

  3. Decide what action you'd like your customers to perform in order to unlock your content. You can have users sync with Facebook to give you their emails, or have them follow you on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, or tweet about you on Twitter.

  4. If you'd like to give away a coupon code or a download, click the blue "Create New" button on the left side of the ToneDen interface, and then click "Create New Social Unlock" and follow the instructions there. If you'd like to set up a contest where your users enter for a chance to win an item, click "Create New" and then "Create New Contest". If you don't have anything you want to give away, you can skip this step.

  5. Once you've set up your giveaway, go back to the lasso settings page here, and click on the "Active Campaign" section. If you set up a social unlock or contest in the previous step, select it in the menu in the "Social Unlock/Contest" section. If you don't have a social unlock or contest, you can click "Basic Signup Form" to prompt people to join your mailing list.

  6. Save your Lasso settings and go to your Shopify store. You should see Lasso pop up with your configured campaign in the bottom-left corner of your screen. You're all done! You can view people in your audience at www.toneden.io/audience/segment.

Check out all of the features here and read more about how Lasso works on the blog post.

Lasso reviews

6 reviews
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This app is comically unstable in the Android environment. I gave up after about ten minutes of its schizophrenia.


lasso is fantastic! its really easy to use and is getting us new data.


Great app and very easy to setup, helped me build my mailing list very fast. Looks clean and works great!


Lasso’s been a great way to make the most of our store visitors. We’ve been able to collect a ton of emails with little effort at all just by installing it on our store. Plus, it's very easy to integrate!


Lasso’s proven to be more than an average pop-up experience for my site visitors. I’ve also managed to use the Facebook interest data I’ve gathered from the tool to build high quality audiences for my FB ads. Really Great tool, definitely solved a lot of my issues!


Lasso’s been a great way to build our newsletter without having to do any work. After setting it up we’re really happy with how many emails we’re getting each day!

From $0.00 / month

Lasso for your Shopify store is 100% free!

Interested in seeing how Lasso can help you find and reach thousands of new customers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Our email marketing platform starts at $50 per month, but for a total of $100 per month you can access both our email features and our automated advertising platform.


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