Cross Sell Last‑Step Offers

Cross Sell Last‑Step Offers

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Don't miss your last chance to Cross-Sell and increases AOV !

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Increase average order revenue

Make your customers spent a bit more on your store by offering relevant products before checkout. Cross-Sell your last opportunity!

Hit just the target audience!

Cross Sell offers are based on cart rules. Hit just relevant customers who have real interest in your offer. Find cross-sell opportunities!

Cross sell sales & non-popular

Show last sales to the public by linking a sale product to a popular product. Cross sell offers are great to increase visibility.

Cross Sell Last‑Step Offers 정보

Don't miss your last chance, Cross Sell it!

Revy Last-Step Cross Sell was created to promote relevant products to the customer on the last chance you have before customer check-out.

It increases your Average Order Value(AOV) by boosting all the shopping carts with more products!

The advantage of use Revy Cross Sell is to offer not random products but products that are important to the customer, you can choose the conditions to meet in order to the Cross Sell offer appears.

Specific Cross Sell offers to specific customers

There is no advantage to show something not relevant to the customer, and this can lead to customer give up of check-out in your store, we don't want that! This said we have created a set of rules that you can use and combine to show just relevant offers. Be smart on cross sell, we provide the tools to sell Better!

Boost conversion rate with product compare-price (EXCLUSIVE FEATURE)

Every Shopify product has a compare-price that is used to compare the original price of the product, with the price that you are selling the product. We have a special feature that takes advantage of this compare price and feature this "discount" that you are offering.

Example: Let's say you have a product with a price of $50 and the product compare price is $80. That's $30 OFF, we gonna present it with a discount ribbon that shows that the product is 37% OFF, sell it.

This looks simple but makes people think that they are seeing an exclusive discount, and increases drastically the add-to-cart actions on the cross sell offers.

Strongly Recommended to increase conversion rate

Is strongly recommended to use the compare-price feature on every product that you are promoting in your cross sell offer, sell more today.


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가장 최근 리뷰

My Toy Island Store

This application was looking for a long time. It is very good although after a few hours it stops appearing...

개발자 회신

2020년 1월 4일

Hey! Thanks for your review :). About the issue you had I believe we have fixed it some time ago, please check it again. If you found any issue with your app please contact us at, we gonna answer ASAP to work with you and fix it. Thank you!

Health and Living

absolutely great app. customer support is very quick and good as well! It does the job, also possible to adjust colors according to your website! GREAT

Potato Post NZ

I have been using Last Step offers App for a while.. It has helped to increase conversions on my store significantly. Customer service is top notch..