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  • Treat your customers like humans, not broken robot monkeys. Interact with your customers in a quick and easy way
  • Learn about your customers, keep track and follow up with their needs
  • Your customers will be engaged and more likely to make purchases

Work with your customers

With LaunchLeap, you can create innovative online marketing campaigns and collaborate with your customers on improving your products. You not only gain insightful feedback, but can also increase publicity about a new product or idea you are developing.

How does it work?

With LaunchLeap for Shopify, you can create a campaign or a suggestion page.

Create a campaign:

• A campaign is a series of different types of questions.

• Present your customers with different question types, and ask them to rate your goods, to give you feedback about your pricing or suggest new ideas, amongst others!

• Use different types of questions to learn about your customers needs.

• A simple dashboard lets you understand and analyze the campaign results in order to improve your products!

Or create a suggestion page:

• Ask an open question.

• Your customers will answer your questions and suggest ideas.

• You can see which ideas and suggestions your customers like.

• Interact directly with your customers by responding to their answers.

• Now that you have precise and actionable market information, go out and create better products!

Want to try LaunchLeap?

LaunchLeap is available as a fully operational 14 day trial. LaunchLeap for Shopify enables you to:

• Create one suggestion page with unlimited questions

• Create one campaign page that can display a single campaign

• Create as many campaigns as you’d like

• Receive feedback and collaborate with unlimited users

Why LaunchLeap?

Studies indicate that when consumers are engaged in the development process, they are:

• 40% more willing to purchase the co-developed products

• Are willing to purchase a product at a 50% price premium

• Consumer-collaborated products generate more profit

So who knows, maybe your next big idea will come from someone outside your team?

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