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Automatisez pour planifier, suivre et gérer vos événements

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Exécution simplifiée

Automatisez votre liste de vérification des événements pour réduire le temps consacré et le risque d'erreur en exécutant un événement.

Générez des conversions

Programmez des personnalisations front-end pour offrir une expérience client fluide, de la page du produit au passage à la caisse.

Suivi en temps réel

Suivez la performance de vos événements en temps réel et analysez le comportement des consommateurs.

À propos de Launchpad

Remarque : Cette application est uniquement disponible pour les clients Shopify Plus.

Launchpad est un outil de planification qui réside dans votre interface administrateur Shopify. Il vous permet de planifier la visibilité de vos produits, vos scripts Shopify, des thèmes, des réductions et bien plus, avec une heure de début et de fin définie. Vous pouvez maintenant préparer votre boutique Shopify pour tous vos événements, sans les tracas habituels.

Launchpad offre un moyen simple d'automatiser et de programmer une campagne de promotion, un lancement de produit ou une vente flash. Quelques exemples :


  • Sélectionnez les produits spécifiques à publier pour votre campagne et mettez vos stocks à jour, le cas échéant
  • Définissez une réduction sur la collection, qui prendra effet lorsque vos soldes débuteront ; aucun codage requis


  • Créez un thème propre à la campagne pour mettre en valeur les produits soldés
  • Optimisez les thèmes avant la campagne pour éviter les surprises
  • Générez des conversions en créant une expérience client transparente

Scripts Shopify

  • Créez des scripts de rubrique de manière à offrir automatiquement un cadeau pour tout achat effectué pendant la campagne
  • Offrez automatiquement la livraison gratuite lorsqu'un client dépense plus de 100 $
  • Suivez les clients ayant demandé le remboursement d'articles d'une valeur supérieure à 100 $ dans une commande en ajoutant des balises client.

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Évaluation globale
3.8 de 5 étoiles
Basé sur 21 avis

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Avis les plus récents


I use Launchpad to set up my store wide and collection discounts. It's helped our business to automate our store sales and not have to wait until 11:59pm at night to switch themes or discount products.


Launchpad is an amazing tool (especially to use around Black Friday/Cyber Monday). We most commonly use Launchpad to schedule theme changes, launch new products and offer product discounts without having a discount code. It's also great to go back and see what sales you have ran in the past or when you launched products.

Wildflowers Nails

Bottom line - If you are selling over 25 products and you're using BOLD's Product Discount - KEEP IT until Shopify develops this further!

We switched over to Shopify Plus and were told that this would work in place of BOLD's Product Discount. Sadly, the part of Launchpad that does what Bold's Product Discount used to do for us is extremely underdeveloped. There are SO MANY things that it can not do when compared to Product Discount when it comes to running a sale. And I am writing this review to prepare you, and to hopefully prevent you from having the same experience I just had before the biggest shopping week of the year - especially if you are familiar with BOLD's Product Discount.

We have a store with over 400 items. Our collections are built for organization (so it makes sense to the customer) based on the type of product. The price can be from say $8 to $140 in that one collection. Launchpad will not let you select a collection for your sale (or what they call an "event") and then customize the sale prices on the individual products in that collection. So I can't select my 80 products, and tweak maybe 10 of them. It will only let you do a blanket percentage off over the whole collection. So unless I want to make everything in that collection a flat 25% off, you have to go in one by one and hand select all of the products.

For us, that meant 400 products had to have a box checked one by one by one to be able to customize the prices. Your other option is to go in and build all new collections to divide up the 400 products, categorizing them by the percent you want to discount them just for the sale so that you can blanket discount them by percentage.

After changing each and every price of my 400 items, I saved it. Over half of the products didn't save. I went back in one by one to fix my 200 items that didn't save. Saved again. Then the first 8 or so of the 200 I had re-done had saved, the rest didn't. So then I had to start working ten at a time and saving. Ten more, then saving, ten more then saving. It ended up taking me 3 days to do this whole process - I ended up building about 4 custom collections, and then it was just easier to hand click.

In Product Discount, it takes me roughly 3 hours to set up a sale from scratch because it lets me segment my sale, select my collection, and then customize within. Also, there I could just turn an old sale back on by updating the date. That took me like 20 minutes to add my new releases (since the last sale) and then click some toggles - I was done in 30 minutes. I would download the data and hand it to my team for marketing materials. Done.

Back to Launchpad - once you do all that work, there's no way to download the data. I have a team that I need to give this information to so that they can build our marketing material for our big sale - facebook ads, signs, fliers, bloggers, magazines, email marketing, and the only way for me to get a list of the products with the original price, new price, and percentage off, is to open an excel spreadsheet beside my Launchpad window and one by one of my 400 items, enter the data. (I feel like this would take a developer maybe 30 minutes to fix or change, but who knows, I'm not a developer)

There is not a way to customize the look of the products when they go on sale (choosing an icon that goes on the corner of your product when it goes on sale). I always enjoyed doing that on Product Discount.

There's no way to preview your sale.

The sale starts, and something isn't right with one of my products, now what? I mentioned that when using Product Discount, I was able to segment my sale into groups of items (I just used our regular collections), pull the items in by collection, and then customize any individual products sale price. This way when I ran a sale, if something wasn't right, I could quickly turn that section off, edit it, and turn it back on. In Launchpad, it won't let you segment or run multiple "events" at the same time. And once the sale goes live, I'm not sure if you can turn it off or touch anything to tweak something, and then turn it back on.

And my last hope and dream is that it saves this "event" so I can use it in the future without having to do all the work of pulling in our products one by one. There's no way to duplicate an event :( As far as I'm aware of, I can't duplicate it to build it into another sale event for next year.

There are some advanced features of Launchpad that Bold's Product Discount didn't have - like changing your theme, added security, and the ability to lock your store to create suspense. After spending so long just to set up the sale, I simply didn't have time to do any of this although I think they sound cool.

I hope shopify prioritizes the advancement of this app, it has a long way to go, but with some improvements it could be very useful.