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Wow this app is bad. I would love to give it zero stars but their support is good. But support can only be so good when the app doesn't work at all.

My suggestion: Just call the app "500 Server Error", would be more honest.

The good news is that I should get refunded, so maybe you will have a better experience (you have a week to ask for refund, so try it quick)

使用應用程式 5天
LayoutHub 已回覆 2024年2月14日

Hi there,

First we are very sorry for your bad experience with the app.

Regarding the error 500 issue, this is an issue related to our server and it disrupts the use of the application. We fixed the issue shortly and the service is now operating normally from February 8, 2024.

Regarding refunds, currently all payments are processed by Shopify and the Shopify system charges your money so we cannot refund. To receive a refund please send us an invoice for your payment for the app and you can check it at Settings -> Billing -> Bills https://prnt.sc/Y7yRXbnVV-9T. Please contact us via email support@layouthub.com and send us the invoice.

Thanks and again we are very sorry for your bad experience with the app.

Best regards,
Anthony | Layouthub support team


Please read it all, I took time inform you so you don't make my mistake.

Terrible app. Avoid at all cost. Will not recommend do not fall into 5 star reviews. It keeps breaking: break my add to cart, break my bundle app, mobile version slide to the side. I lost a lot money and conversions. Yes, they made me a free month, but i lost conversions so it is more money than 15$. It keeps breaking. It takes so long for fix a single thing. Some customer agents ignore you, some of them break your website on purpose i guess, because it has some other problem once they fix one problem. They have been changing my product page, and description photo without me realising it. they are so sneaky be super duper careful.



I had an issues back to back with theme customisation app - layouthub. On entire website add to cart didn't work at all, it was clearly an issue from that app. I was running a campaign and there was no conversion on that at all. So I lost money and they agreed to compensate that once i showed them my ad spend. they said they gonna refund me on my next payment. Payment came, i paid and now they are denying to refund me. I had issues back to back from this app. And recently i had another issue that my entire cart wasn't working at all and they were reluctant to solve and took so long and had no sales and lost 65$ on ad spend. they don't hold themselves accountable for the issues and lost caused from their app. They think I continuously request a refund from them, Dilys (customer support) says I'm demanding money from them for nothing. I'D LIKE TO INFORM ALL FELLOW MERCHANTS ON SHOPIFY TO AVOID USING THIS APP AND BEING IN MY SITUATION.

and they think it is okay and show a arrogant and rude behaviour to customers. Type of behaviour and work ethics they have is unbearable. I wish I didn't use this app for my website.

使用應用程式 5個月

The customer service for this app is horrible. Even on a paid plan, they take days to respond and don't fix issues. Very difficult to communicate with them and often their layout pages do not work. I would not recommend.

Kim Smiley
使用應用程式 3年多
LayoutHub 已回覆 2021年4月27日

Hi Kim, we really apologize for this bad experience but you see, this is a problem with our live chat system and we are trying to set it up for you and sometimes it is out of our reach. . I think leaving a review unrelated to the product is not fair, anyway I am really sorry and hope you allow us to serve you as soon as possible.
Thank you and regards


If I could give this a zero rating I would. We wanted to test out the app, and while we initially found it somewhat helpful, our shop speed seemed to significantly be reduced with the templates we did implement. Then with recent functionality updates in our Shopify theme, we no longer needed to rely on the few pages we were using. Admittedly, given we'd used it very little initially and then weren't applying any of the templates after our theme upgrade, we should have just removed it right away. Then we got hit with the yearly auto-bill without any notification. Within a few days of the yearly renewal we asked about receiving a pro-rated refund. We were advised to downgrade to the free version, which we did immediately, and that someone would be in touch about a refund. When the billing team member reached out we were told that if we had canceled within 30 days we could have gotten a refund, but as we had not just signed up (because this was an auto-renewal, not a 1st time billing cycle) that they would not refund us even though we hadn't been using the app. The reason they gave... "Please understand that we also need to pay for support, system maintenance & a ton of other costs to keep the app running." So basically, they want you to pay for a platform that you are not using. They also put the blame on Shopify for not notifying about the impending auto-renewal and said Shopify is responsible for the billing. I initially pointed out that the policy was ridiculous as we were in fact within 30 days of the current billing cycle, and I have since responded with details Shopify provided regarding app developers control of billing/reunds, and Layout Hub has not responded. So do not sign up for a yearly plan unless you have tested the app fully and know you will utilize it fully because you will not get a refund if you decide after a couple of months (or when you realize you've just been auto-renewed) that you are not getting enough use out of the app.

使用應用程式 大約3年

No thanks, when you start with it, it's made so you cannot easily get out without deleting everything and not only that, it's also hard to get out of the deal without instructions. It should be easy for clients to cancel.

使用應用程式 接近3年
LayoutHub 已回覆 2022年2月23日

We‘re very sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused you. I saw that our team has given you very detailed instructions for unsubscribe or uninstall the app. Do not hesitate to contact us via your ticket if you have any difficulties while stopping using the application. We are always ready to help. Your patience is greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much


Unprofessional when we wanted to delete the app. Didn’t tell us pages will be deleted from the website as well and not only the templates.

使用應用程式 接近2年

Every time I use the app, it automatically edits the THEME.LIQUID and it makes all the sliders on the homepage looks wrong. I tried contacting the support team to let them know the bug almost a year ago and never got a reply. I used the app again today and it did the same. I understand apps can have bugs, but at leat have a support team to address the issues.

Mercado Global
使用應用程式 接近2年
LayoutHub 已回覆 2022年7月5日

Hi there!
I'm terribly sorry for the unwanted inconvenience. But please keep in mind that the majority of apps downloaded via the Shopify add some shortcode into that file so the app can work. Regarding your situation, I've checked your old messages and it seems you've contacted us back in 2020 regarding the "editor showing blank page", which got fixed. There is nothing involved in Homepage issue. Can you please give us a chance to take a look and help you solve that issue? We'll try our best to help you. Our whole team is waiting for you and ready to help at all times. Your understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated.
Hope hearing from you soon!!


Do not install this app. Every time you change or update your theme all the images will go missing, leaving you to rebuild all of you pages. The support team responds with "Sorry for the inconvenience" - Not willing to assist at all. Literally the worst app in the store. I would highly recommend NOT using this app.

Mac Shack
使用應用程式 接近2年
LayoutHub 已回覆 2023年2月28日

I'm Dilys from LayoutHub support team. I'm really sorry for everything that made you unhappy with our app. We are always trying to improve our app to make sure customers have great experiences.
At the time you gave us the review, we felt so thankful because you still gave us chances to support you via live chat. About the images, we store them in your published theme. If you change the theme, please don't remove the old theme to make the images work well. This is a big lesson for us to improve everything to serve you better and I really wish that we will have more precious chances to assist you in the future.
Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or need our support. I wish you all the best!


Hard to get out of the deal, support not understanding what you want and too slow feedback. Not good. It should be easy for clients to cancel ANY subscription.

使用應用程式 1年多

Poor support except 1 or 2 technical team really usefull. Lot of a bug between mobile and desktop version.

使用應用程式 8個月