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I wanted to like this app and service however due to their billing methods it doesn't work at all for our needs. If you get any traffic to website outside of LeadDyno, they will charge you for that traffic even though they have the data to charge you only for traffic generated through their system. This means some very basic SEO practices can put your traffic into their highest and most expensive tier while only having a small fraction of that traffic being generated by LeadDyno themselves.

Developer reply

June 16, 2021

We are sorry to hear you were unhappy with our pricing model. There are several affiliate apps, and they each have different billing models. If you check our Shopify app listing, we list our billing plans, along with the traffic limits for each plan. This has been our pricing model since we started on the Shopify platform in 2014.

Part of why we charge for all traffic is because our platform goes beyond just affiliate tracking. LeadDyno tracks visitors, leads, sales, and social shares from many channels. We do this to implement features like "First Source Wins," where we know if a user has visited your site before clicking an affiliate link. Our customer success team is available for a 1-on-1 call to help you take advantage of some of these other tracking capabilities outside just affiliate traffic.

We'd love to work with you and discuss a plan that will work for your business.

Rebel Beauty

Awful. I set this up and had 3 or 4 affiliates start up, one in particular had noticed a few sales that hadnt tracked to her, I emailed customer services and they were honestly the most useless CS Ive ever used. Take 2 days to reply and then the reply is absolutely useless and not even relevant to my query. They told me sometimes they have problems with affiliates using Facebook but that this wasnt an issue in my case, I asked WHAT IS THE ISSUE THEN? And have been ignored since. I put a lot of effort into setting this up so really wanted it to work but my affiliates think im trying to scam them, it keeps happening! Shopify track it as coming through the affiliates link, but for some reason Leaddyno (the people I pay to track them) cant manage to. They literally have one job! So I now have to go through every sale on Shopify to track them myself and manually add the commissions. This is taking hours, I took over £2000 in sales just yesterday from a site with an average order value of £25 this is a lot of orders to go through when Im paying for a service to do that for me!

If you sign up to these, you will lose time, money, and very probably youre affiliates who will lose trust in you when they realise they have had loads of sales go in that haven't tracked

Edited to add that I dont know how it is my settings when its only one single affiliate that is affected, she hasnt altered ANY settings and neither have I. I actually came back to remove this review because although its true, I felt harsh. I saw the response and now its staying cause that is an outright LIE! This app is most definitely NOT solid! Shopify tracks the sales, Leaddyno doesnt. How is that my settings? They have the lead dyno tracking affiliate on the shopify order page

Not helpful at all that you refuse to accept any responsibility and just blame your users. Also, what do you mean I need to give you time? I gave you two days to reply, you replied and said a lot of your users have issues if their affiliates try use Facebook, but that wasnt the issue for me. That was it. No more reply for almost a week, until I wrote this review

Developer reply

June 15, 2020

I’m sorry to hear about your experience with LeadDyno customer service. Over the past few weeks we made some major changes to our support team and removed a long time support manager. Their previous response to your experience was unacceptable and for that we apologize. Things should be a lot better moving forward. 

We have been on Shopify since 2014 and take a lot of pride in our product. We have invested a ton of effort into making our Shopify tracking integration rock solid, including some advanced integration with Shopify’s systems that prevent adblockers from interfering with our tracking. With that said, there are fringe cases where things aren't setup correctly or weird things that happen due to the affiliate modifying a link or some other strange technical issue with the setup. It is complex and there are a lot of variables. When that happens, we do need to troubleshoot and it may take a few days. Since our change in staff our response times have been speeding up and are doing our best to offer a better service.

Blickenstaffs Provo

It has a fairly easy one click install on shopify, but unless you have only one product on your entire store, this is not for you. Does it create an affiliate dashboard, yes. But if you actually want your affiliates to have a good user experience (setting up their affiliate links for the products they like on your shop), the user experience is horrible. You have to activate SubID and then you have to send the link to the SubID page where your affiliates then create their links. It's not even linked to from the main dashboard. ? It's already hard enough to get affiliates who have a big reach to work with you, let alone trying to get them to remember to go to the SubID page to set up their links. Not a very sustainable solution. Support did exist, but emails took around 3 days to respond. Not angry, just being honest as a real business owner. Improve your user experience and maybe we'll come back. :)

Developer reply

June 4, 2020

Hi there! I'm sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy our service! LeadDyno tries to keep the affiliate/influencer experience simple and straight to the point. We, therefore, shy away from the advanced features you've mentioned. There are other affiliate management platforms better suited for such complex setups (a lot more expensive). We do respond within 24 hours and issue resolution can take a few days depending on the issue. Best of luck to you and your business!

Nur Al Quran

So Confusing app! I created a new store with a new email address and installed Leaddyno, guess what? my other store dashboad appeared with my other affiliate...
This is beyond messy!
I have been trying to talk to someone but nobody replies... Really?

Developer reply

April 9, 2020

Hi there! I'm sorry to hear about your frustrations! This happens when you have more than one Shopify store with the same owner email address. The email addresses need to be unique. If you need help with this please email our Support Manager adam@leaddyno.com. Thanks!

Life With Corona

didn't work for me, support didn't help and didn't return my chat! waste of time since they don't even answer

Developer reply

March 18, 2020

So sorry to read about your frustrations! Please email our Support Manager at adam@leaddyno.com so he can help you personally. Thanks!


Poor customer service, cannot solve the problems timely and always need to contact their engineer, very time consuming, poor experience.

Developer reply

March 11, 2020

Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. Please email our Support Manager, Adam at adam@leaddyno.com so he can help you with your issues,

The Makeup Institute Los Angeles

I have been attempting to fix my issue for TWO WEEKS. Had a appointment call with ADAM and he NEVER called me at my schedule time. They just keep opening tickets but don't fix the issue.

Developer reply

March 6, 2020

Hi there! Sorry to read about your frustrations! There must have been some mix up as Adam always calls. Please email Adam at adam@leaddyno.com directly. Thanks!

Tind of Norway

I Would be careful using this system.

In an attempt to install this plugin for a client it accidentally connected the new client to a different client account.

So when the client tried to access Leaddyno from their shopify account they got access to the other clients data (Data leakage).

One issue is that this happened at all, as this should not ever be possible. One other thing is that I tried to have them resolve this issue for over a week, no solution at all. At least they should have closed the leaking account until the issue was resolved.

So basically my other client have been able to access the leaddyno dashboard of another client for over a week, and still do. Only luck the client the data is leaking from is my own company with an inactive affiliate setup. Unless this would have been a major disaster.

This is so bad that I am considering reporting to the government as these clients are based in EU, and this is a serious issue in regards to GDPR. The integrity of your data in this application is in no way taken well care of, and by using this application you are risking the privacy of your clients data.

The lack of response on an issue of this magnitude is nothing less then alarming. And it shows that this company does not take privacy and GDPR seriously, which if this happens for your client you will be in big trouble.

I would absolutely stay away from this system!

I will send a notice to Shopify as well.

Developer reply

February 21, 2020

Hi there! Clearly, you set up Shopify stores for multiple clients and as a result, you end up merging the accounts in LeadDyno. This happens when you use the same email address to log in to multiple Shopify accounts. I strongly suggest that you use a unique email address when setting up each client's Shopify store as you are risking the privacy of your clients this way. LeadDyno is GDPR compliant. You can read more about this here: http://leaddyno.com/gdpr/


WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT EVER!!!! In my entire life i have never seen something like this. This company is an embrassement compared to anyone who ever built an app for shopify. It has been over a week trying to get a response for the set-up wizard. This Adam Jacobs is harder to contact than the president of the United States. How busy can one man be when his job is to answer customer questions. Not only this, but Diedra Stark, the girl on the chat, claims to have put my ticket in "top priority" and I have still not received an answer. I had heard very good reviews about your app's usage, but the disrespect from your customer support is the reason i will never want to use this service or recommend it to anyone.

Developer reply

December 16, 2019

Hi there! Sorry to read about your frustrations! You can easily contact Adam at adam@leaddyno.com, If you rather have a call you can book a call with Lisa at leaddyno-lisa.youcanbook.me. All tickets sent to support are handled within 24-48 hours depending on the issue.

Life Door

Customer support do not respond. Chat support just repeats same answer over and over. Emailed support. No response. Documentation shows inconsistent information that does not match what they are showing you to do.

Developer reply

December 3, 2019

Sorry to read about your frustrations! We wouldn't be able to get away with fake reviews on a Shopify app so I can promise you that all our stellar reviews are legitimate. We don't use bots, only real people. On that note please email our support manager adam@leaddyno.com so he can give you had personally with your issue. Thanks!

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