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Easy Influencer & Affiliate Marketing (Plus MLM Support!)

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Jacob Lund Photography Store

The app does what is says it does. We've used it for about a month, and we would love to have gotten deeper into it.

However one huge flaw is a dealbreaker for us. The app doesn't give you any documentation whatsoever to provide documentation for the payouts you do to affiliates. So for us we can't really use this an be in compliance with tax regulations, as we have no documentation of where and to whom these payouts go. Only solution offered by LeadDyno support is asking affiliates to send us invoices for every pay out - but that kind of takes away the convenience for everyone.

Women R Us

Would've been great if there was an option to share to Instagram instead of Twitter. I will update my review when i spend enough time with the app.

Bare Composites

We made the monthly donation for a year to see if the platform was capable of adding more sales. The platform doesn't do anything for you that you can't do by just creating discount codes on your website for your ambassadors and tracking sales that way. The analytics are okay, not the best... but all in all, it just wasn't the right platform for our market.,

This Dogs Life

I really wanted this to work out and think it is a great service, but the customer service is really bad. It seems like there is only a handful of people working at the place and they just can't solve problems, troubleshoot or even follow up about simple concerns.

It was a really bad experience and not worth my money.

San Key

This is an Alpha Testing Stage product and not ready for paid prime-time. I've been testing for several days and these are either sloppy oversights or just plain broken functions I have found.
1) Thank You Page after Affiliate Sign-up runs past margins of padding.
2) Get "Oops 500 Dinosaur" error when using email product sharing widget
3) Needs Language Editor: Default copy is poorly written and nonsensical in some places
4) Sub IDs are a mess (needed for User Generated Links to Product Landing Pages). Create a new one, but the copy button produces the homepage default link rather the one in the list. None of the Sub ID links are being tracked in numbers column. Multiple Sub ID links are generated for same product page, which is just pure chaos from an organizational standpoint to actually use them. Also you cannot rename auto-generated ones so again not a good way to organize for actual real world use.
5)The actual Affiliate Link does not log visitors (did not test leads or purchases).

I could address these issues with the developer, but really, why bother if they would release this to public in this condition. I'm going with my tried and tested affiliate program (http://www.idevdirect.com/14721913.html).

Social Gem

So far it's been 5 days of trying to set up the program, the customer service tries hard to help, but it's inefficient. They're very nice, but it takes forever to get answers to simple questions and is very frustrating. I see some reviews are great and some very bad, so far my experience is on the 'not so good' side. I want to move forward with the program, but I'm stuck on one little detail or another and I still don't have the answers.


Looked so promising, but after 2 weeks of trying to get any sort of meaningful support on a fundamentally simple question we've given up and have uninstalled the App' and gone elsewhere

Coltstudiostore Com

Way too expensive, since they charge on traffic and not sales made. It just wasn't cost effective for us.