LeadHit behavioral marketing

LeadHit behavioral marketing


Automate your communication with shoppers and boost your sales

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Automate communication

Use behavioral widgets for proper motivation. Send shopper-tailored triggered e-mails. Enjoy shopping cart and-cal-cart solution.

Personalize your content

Track activity of each shopper in real time 24/7. Collect and process data even for anonymous visitors. Apply Big Data-based analysis.

Powerful analytics & reports

Get maximum from our segmented shoppers analytics. Deploy comprehensive product-based analytics. Obtain recommendations on website improvement

有關 LeadHit behavioral marketing

Tailor and automate interaction with the shoppers on your site:

  • Increase your email capture by using smart behavioral widgets;
  • Sell more and increase shoppers’ loyalty by engaging the automated triggered mailings (including Abandoned Cart mailings, Welcome mailings, FollowUp mailings, Inactive Client mailings, WishList mailings and many others).
  • Show respect to your shoppers by using our AI which automatically tailors and adjusts the content of emails to suit the needs of each shopper;
  • Increase your average check by deploying our up-sale and cross-sale recommendations (both on your site and in each email sent) based on the BigData we have collected since 2011.

Automated behavioral marketing as it should be, for earning more money without spending any time or effort.

LeadHit has been in behavioral marketing since 2011. We have tested all varieties of different marketing solutions and never stop adding the new features. LeadHit’s tools significantly increase overall sales of an online retailer, its check and the shoppers’ loyalty. All our tools are behavior-based: no more generic mails, no more annoying pop-ups but only the motivating content which is sent or displayed to the shoppers only when that motivation is required!

Some of the awesome features

  • Full Cycle of Customer Interaction - LeadHit analyzes activities, shopping paths and behaviors of each shopper in real time 24/7. Powerful AI profiles the shoppers individually, identifies their actual and potential needs and chooses the best tool to motivate purchasers, to increase their loyalty, and to sell them more. You won’t have to spend your time and effort on fine tuning, everything will work smoothly without any.
  • Behavioral Widgets - Just a very few site visitors are usually identified, other visitors prefer browsing the site without submitting their emails. LeadHit’s widgets are based on each shopper’s actual behavior and displayed when is the best time to convince them to submit an email. Such widgets dramatically increase the email capture.
  • Triggered Mailings - LeadHit has a huge variety of triggered mailings that get automatically formed and dispatched to your shoppers. All these campaigns are tuned to motivate additional sales.
  • Abandoned Cart Emails - Usually, the number of carts abandoned by shoppers is huge.. A special automated LeadHit’s email campaign motivates them to return to your site and complete the purchase.
  • Product Recommendations - You can’t even imagine how effective product recommendations can be if used properly! LeadHit’s automated recommendations are shopper-tailored and designed to boost your revenue. Such upsell and cross-sale recommendations are BigData-based and are a huge help in increasing the sales.



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i'm using this app for upsale and to optimize conversion rate via different tools, so far so good. reasonable pricing .