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Tubby Todd Bath Co.

Richard and team were an incredible pleasure to work with. We wanted to test a variety of pricing scenarios - after some diligence on options available in the app store, we came across Leaflet. They were the only app that could address the complexity of things that we wanted to do. The team helped us get everything set up, including some additional work on their end to really meet our needs, and they held our hands as we activated different test scenarios to confirm that everything was working as we should expect. I can't say enough about the time that Richard spent with us. We've made much better decisions because of this! Thank you!!


Unethical business practices. They say you pay only if the test is successful and you got nothing to loss but you will pay a fee in most cases plus they slip the charge through the back door via Shopify bill without letting you know about it. The whole purpose of this app is to conduct an overall price test on a product category or on the entire store in order to see how the entire category/store reacts to a price change. If you test pricing on 100 products and 80 products fail, you will pay a fee for the 20 products that had a winning split test. This is was not clear to me and was not explained when we started. When the test is done there is zero transparency about the fee you're about to pay on their app. No message on the app, no email about your payment, no information, no invoice, no receipt, nothing. They just charge their fee via app charges on your next shopify billing cycle.
I found this to be unethical at best. You dont even know that you need to pay or how they calculate it until it happens. I wasn't aware that I even had to pay something so I ran another test that was again unsuccesfull, I lost money doing the test and was charge again couple of thousands the same way. I was amazed to find out about that and emailed Richard to share my thoughts but he didnt bother to replay. I guess that support is great only if you're a paying customer. Most people dont check the exact app charges on their Shopify bill.
I guess that way this company can charge people without them noticing. Doing this on purpose or not, I give them the benefit of the doubt but I write this feedback so potential customer can decide.

Developer reply

January 17, 2022

I'm sorry that you were unhappy with the results of your tests. Part of the reason for this is because you stopped your tests prematurely (on multiple occasions) and did not give them sufficient time to accumulate data.

Our pricing model is explained very clearly on our website and was also explained to you orally when you first started using Leaflet.

Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips for Dogs

This app is helping experiment and find the right price for our product, adding a huge amount of revenue in the process. It takes away the guesswork of increasing your price, and the support from the Leaflet team is exceptional.

Cuteful Creationz

100% recommended. From what I can tell, this is the only app for AB testing prices that is practical to use on more than a few products at a time, and for sure the only app that lets you measure demand cross elasticity. Also, the support that the Leaflet team provides is unparalleled!


From my research, this is only the app that can solve Price A/B Testing needs for Shopify Storefronts without massive amounts of custom work needed. Also, the support is 5 stars all around, and super responsive.


We've been working with the Leaflet team for about a month and the initial results are overwhelmingly positive. As our wholesale costs continue to increase, they're helping us refine our pricing so that we can find the balance between keeping retail pricing at points customers will accept and maintaining our margins. The team is incredibly easy to work with, very collaborative and committed to a shared definition of success.

Ranch Road Boots

Richard co-founder and team great to work with during our engagement. Very, very responsive. We measured price changes with their test environment and analytics - this has been incredibly valuable. Agree with the review that said the Leaflet approach feels more like a consultancy + app than a low/no-customer support + app.


We used this app to run price tests and would highly recommend Leaflet. It is compatible with subscriptions (Recharge) and feeds, and provides in-depth analytics (micro and macro data), which was instrumental for us. We also received great support from the app developer from initial setup to launching and monitor our tests. This is a great app for businesses looking to run price tests.


We are a relatively new Leaflet user but could not be more impressed so far. Richard, the co-founder is the man! He is incredibly professional and provides personal one-on-one support whenever you ask. I have never experienced this level of support with any app. He will even do personalized videos to help you along the way. Who does that?
Pricing is not easy but can can have a big impact when you get it right. What I also appreciate is how they include you in the process of continuous improvement and they are responsive to nearly any reasonable request. For example, when we asked about cannibalization, they customized a solution that worked for us. The App is easy to navigate and provides clear objective results. That is not to suggest that you can put it on auto-pilot. They suggest you start slowly and use judgment and discipline in implementing results. If this stuff was easy, everyone would be doing it and they aren't....this was the only pricing App we could locate that appeared to offer real solututions.
I would recommend (for a very low price BTW) that you give Richard and Leaflet a shot. I would be surprised if you were disappointed!!!


Untrustworthy 'AI' and 'Autopilot', this app is not fully functional or tested enough to trust. Reports are based on inaccurate data, although the idea itself is great! Amazing customer retention, horrible waste of time (15 weeks to realize it was doing nothing). Initial positive reports we were shown included all 1000+ products, not the actual 40-60 we were price testing. Leaflet then tried to convince me they were responsible for those impressive numbers. Red Flag. Most of my test results show no metrics or analytics, nothing to show me what Leaflet is making decisions on, or even if the products price test is worth running. Red Flag. Unfortunately Leaflet has not fully tested their app, or have any solutions for non-margin based businesses like mine, even though their FAQ page specifically mentions these stores. Red Flag. I had to explain that the 10 years of sales before 2021 Do in fact matter. Leaflet operates on the assumption that your store did not exist before 2021. By default all of your stores sales data is Ignored, making new 'leaflet reports' seem Amazing! But they are completely false. Beyond a Red Flag. :( Support is great at responding, until you realize you are investing your time and money to be a beta tester for an unfinished application falsely representing it's impact to your store. In fairness we were offered a 'partial' refund, which has yet to materialize. How much is Your time worth?

Developer reply

March 23, 2021

We are sincerely sorry to hear that you had an unsatisfactory experience.

Our software and the data science behind it is rigorously tested. That said, we recognize that the experience and results we provide are not always on point, and we are constantly working to improve.

In your case, this included building two features upon request.

The reason that “most of [your] test results show no metrics or analytics” is because you were primarily testing products with no sales.

If you're interested in giving us a second chance we would be happy to provide more hands on support.

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