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How much money are you leaving on the table?

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1. Planning

We do a deep dive to learn about your business. We use this understanding to design a price testing plan specifically for you.

2. Execution

Once you’ve approved our plan, we get to work repricing your products to maximize your gross margin dollars.

3. Measurement

We show you exactly how much more money you’re making as a result of letting Leaflet reprice your product catalog.

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Leaflet is the “done for you” revenue management service for Shopify

Grow your sales & maximize profits by finding the best product prices for your bottom line!

We do all the work and only charge for results.


How will you test my prices?

  • We can split test your prices (comparing two prices at the same time) or test your prices longitudinally (comparing before and after price changes), whichever option makes the most sense for your business.

What sort of impact will this app have on the load speed of my site?

  • We are proud of how SEO friendly Leaflet is. There is little to no impact on the load speed of a site (50-100 milliseconds).

Will you duplicate my products?

  • No, Leaflet will not duplicate your products, which is another reason why Leaflet is SEO friendly.

Can Leaflet be used with product feeds / Google Shopping / other third party sales channels?

  • Yes, absolutely. And that is one of the things that sets Leaflet apart from other price testing apps.

We love talking with users. If you want help with strategy or support, or if you have a question or a suggestion, please reach out. We are here to help you succeed.

Se integra con

  • Google Shopping,
  • Instagram,
  • ReCharge,
  • Facebook,
  • Shogun,
  • Zipify

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Commission based on the impact we make on your business. For rates & details visit https://join.leaflet.co/pricing

4.6 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes

Ranch Road Boots

Richard co-founder and team great to work with during our engagement. Very, very responsive. We measured price changes with their test environment and analytics - this has been incredibly valuable. Agree with the review that said the Leaflet approach feels more like a consultancy + app than a low/no-customer support + app.


We used this app to run price tests and would highly recommend Leaflet. It is compatible with subscriptions (Recharge) and feeds, and provides in-depth analytics (micro and macro data), which was instrumental for us. We also received great support from the app developer from initial setup to launching and monitor our tests. This is a great app for businesses looking to run price tests.


We are a relatively new Leaflet user but could not be more impressed so far. Richard, the co-founder is the man! He is incredibly professional and provides personal one-on-one support whenever you ask. I have never experienced this level of support with any app. He will even do personalized videos to help you along the way. Who does that?
Pricing is not easy but can can have a big impact when you get it right. What I also appreciate is how they include you in the process of continuous improvement and they are responsive to nearly any reasonable request. For example, when we asked about cannibalization, they customized a solution that worked for us. The App is easy to navigate and provides clear objective results. That is not to suggest that you can put it on auto-pilot. They suggest you start slowly and use judgment and discipline in implementing results. If this stuff was easy, everyone would be doing it and they aren't....this was the only pricing App we could locate that appeared to offer real solututions.
I would recommend (for a very low price BTW) that you give Richard and Leaflet a shot. I would be surprised if you were disappointed!!!