Leap Multi Store Sync

Leap Multi Store Sync

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Real-time inventory sync, product sync, and order forwarding

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Real-time inventory sync

Automatically sync inventory in real time using SKU based matching

Product Attributes Sync

Sync and customise product attributes such as title, price, online store visibility, and more

Order Forwarding

You can automate store operation by pushing your destination store orders to the source store for fulfilment.

有關 Leap Multi Store Sync

Leap Inventory supports inventory sync, product attributes sync, and order forwarding

Syncing products and stock levels across different Shopify stores shouldn't be manual and tedious process. With Leap Inventory, you can import products within minutes and start selling on your store without worrying about overselling.

Sync Products

Extend the reach of your products beyond one store. Our app gives you the ability to sync products from a source store and have the changes made to the original product reflect on the connected destination stores in real-time.

Real-time inventory sync

Leap Inventory allows your to sync inventory in real-time to all your connected stores. If a sale or refund is made in one store, the change is pushed out to all your other stores immediately.

Product attributes sync

You can choose to sync only the title and description from the source store but have different prices in your destination store. Or, you could specify price transformation so that price in your destination store is 120% of the price set in the source store.

Order forwarding

You can automate store operation by pushing your destination store orders to the source store for fulfilment.

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5.0 5 顆星


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I'm using this app to sync my inventory within 4 different stores and it's perfect, saves me a lot of time updating inventory manually. Aamir is also great with customer service, he's helped me install and configure everything. I definitely recommend the app if you have the same products across different stores and handle a master inventory