Leave a Message ‑ Contact Form

Leave a Message ‑ Contact Form

Leave a Message

Customized Contact Form in Popup, Email Contact Us Form Widget

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Easy to use contact bar

Let your customers send you an email message in just a few seconds without using livechat or chatbot. Then reply directly from your mailbox

Custom contact form in pop up

Reduce the percentage of people leaving your store by encouraging them to contact using simple and visible custom contact form

Boost email marketing

Follow up clients instantly or use a checkbox to collect their email addresses to prepare a mailing list for email marketing campaigns

Leave a Message ‑ Contact Form 정보

Do you want to have a livechat but prefer to use an email in your customer service?

Check our email popup app which encourages clients to Leave a Message not your store!

Manage all messages from the mailbox at the same time giving your customers the opportunity to contact you as easy as they can in a livechat. Clients just type a message, provide an email address and that’s it! You get a ticket and reply from the mailbox.

Connection contact form with popup is effective and gives you:

1. Friendly way for your visitors to contact your customer service

Clients don’t need to fill in complicated contact forms, call the seller, use chatbots or open mailboxes to send mail. They just type a question like in chat widget and leave an email address to get a response, and that's it!

2. More mails from your customers = bigger sale!

Leave a Message is always on hand. You can choose when email popup with a personalised text to your client shows up. Clients know that if they need any help it’s possible to contact your customer support all the time.

3. Contact form pop up available 24/7

A lot of clients browse your store any time during the day or night. Leave a Message supports them 24/7, so you don’t have to be online! Even if they leave your shop, you have their emails to follow up and boost your mailing list.

4. Ticket from client on your mailbox

Leave a Message sends a question directly to your mailbox. You don’t need to have or be a consultant and be available at 24/7. You get a ticket with a message and the URL address from where it was sent. You reply when you can!

5. Innovative Contact Us form

Question from your client helps to start a conversation and sell the product. Focus on it, not on complicated contact us forms, contact pages, chatbots or live chats - give your client something easier like email popup.

What else can you get?

1. Contact form with your texts

A simple contact us forms with personalised texts to the clients are helpful. They also show that the shop is a seller “always ready to talk” with their clients. You can personalize every text of our contact form to make your clients reach out to you more.

2. Expand email marketing list

You can add a checkbox with the permission to send promotional content like newsletters, discounts or new products. Capture email addresses and boost your mailing list for your email marketing campaigns.

Configure Leave a Message in a few minutes and…

Adjust a design to your store and create customized texts. Be always in touch with your customers and resolve their problems faster using our ticketing system connected with your mailbox. Leave a Message is always on hand and helps your clients to contact you easier. Additionally you receive a simple email capture tool to grow your email list.

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  • 30 tickets / month
  • Email notifications
  • Custom texts
  • Unlimited colors
  • 10 widget themes
  • Marketing consent checkbox
  • Horizontal placing



  • Unlimited tickets
  • Email notifications
  • Custom texts
  • Unlimited colors
  • 10 widget themes
  • Marketing consent checkbox
  • Horizontal placing

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Very nice app! Simple and clear design. Everything works correctly. Good Customer Service! Highly recommended

Didier Laboratoires

I highly recommend this app. Really easy to use and intuitive, it has everything what I need. Everything works correctly :)


Great tool for stores, simply but effective. Highly recommended for all type of stores :) The best price-quality ratio.