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Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Agile deliveries and effective communication, a key towards excellent customer experience.

Controlled Human Intervention

Life made easy with fulfillment in just a single click. Automation is all you need.

Seamless Deliveries

Leopards Courier application help you integrate and expand your delivery network

有關 Leopards Courier

Innovation is one of the core business value of Leopards courier services. With the changing business dynamics and involvement of technology, it was about time to come up with something that can help improve the overall logistics & courier industry. Foreseeing the potential and boom of Ecommerce industry, Leopards Courier Service wants to provide an answer to one of the biggest challenge faced by the e-commerce stores, i.e. fulfillment. With the cutting edge technology, shippers can now process their orders within no time leaving behind minimal human intervention, hence chances of errors are now pretty low. With our application, you now have the chance to get bulk CN generation, real time order updates and customized reporting.

  1. Manage Booked Packets: Always be one step ahead. Now, with the help of integration, your consignment will directly be generated
  2. On Demand Invoicing: Control your cash flows, no more manual invoicing. Get your invoices whenever you want, just a click away.
  3. Order Tracking: Visibility is the key to customer satisfaction. Our live tracking feature gives you complete transparency of overall operation cycle and provides better opportunity to communicate with your customers.
  4. System Security: Accountability & liabilities. Logs are created for every action and step along with date/time parameters. In case of any operational hiccups, flaws can be identified within no time.
  5. Analytics: Identify the gap. Data is the best source to guide your way. With the help of reports and dashboards, you can now track your performance & growth and tap-in the potential areas of business growth.





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