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Google Shopping by Yahoo Commerce Central

Google Shopping by Yahoo Commerce Central

Developed by Yahoo Commerce Central

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  • List and advertise your products on Google Shopping™
  • Automatically synchronize listings with store inventory
  • Control product advertising exclusion by category

Instantly increase product and store visibility by listing and advertising your products on the Google Shopping™ comparison engine.


List your products painlessly on Google Shopping™

We built Google Shopping app by Yahoo Commerce Central to help you automatically list your products and manage your bids on Google Shopping™.

Automatically synchronize listings with store inventory

Item out of stock? No problem! We’ll update your listings without your needing to lift a finger. We automatically synchronize with your store and update your feeds with current information on your inventory and catalog, including stock, pricing, and product images.

Control over product selection

We give you fine control over exactly which categories of products you do not want advertised, so you won’t waste a cent of your advertising budget. Focus your campaigns where you want them focused, whether that’s your top selling products, a new line you’re launching, or something else.

Prioritize bidding of your best sellers

With the Prioritized Bidding option we will bid for ad display on Google Shopping™ more aggressively for your top 10 best sellers than your other products. You can also change the option to only prioritize bidding on up to 10 products your choice.

Learn More

Learn more at commercecentral.yahoo.com, where you may contact us, or call our Sales Team toll free at 1-866-255-0108. Follow the Commerce Central Tumblr for updates on our products.

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