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Google Shopping by Aabaco Small Business

Google Shopping by Aabaco Small Business

Developed by Yahoo Commerce Central

14 reviews
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  • List and advertise your products on Google Shopping™
  • Automatically synchronize listings with store inventory
  • Fine control over product selection

Instantly increase product and store visibility by listing and advertising your products on Google Shopping™.


List your products painlessly on Google Shopping™

We built Google Shopping by Yahoo to help you automatically list your products and manage your bids on Google Shopping™.

Automatically synchronize listings with store inventory

Item out of stock? No problem! We’ll update your listings without your needing to lift a finger. We automatically synchronize with your store and update your feeds with current information on your inventory and catalog, including stock, pricing, and product images.

Fine control over product selection

We give you fine control over exactly which products you want advertised, so you won’t waste a cent. Focus your campaigns where you want them focused, whether that’s your top selling products, a new line you’re launching, or something else.

Learn More

Learn more at commercecentral.yahoo.com, where you can also chat with us live, contact us, or call us toll free at 1-866-255-0108. Follow the Commerce Central Tumblr for updates on our products.

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Google Shopping by Aabaco Small Business reviews (12)


Doesn't work, they charge your card and then never respond to emails for help...ever! And it doesn't work. STILL waiting for a response.


Terrible App, I tired to cancel the very same day before any work was done on this company's end but they still charged me. I don't want this service as I thought I would be charged monthly $49 not $269, also I though this company helped with my ads on google but they do nothing extra. You can just go to Shopify Google Shopping yourself via Shopify and they provide the same service for free. Bad Busniess


Good App, hate that the monthly minimum is $200 which equals over $280 in Australia by the time you pay commission & fees. I only ever use $80-100 of my budget which i am happy with my results, but each month i have to pay the same amount & now it has built up to over $400 as a small company it just isn't feasible to pay this much. I will have to remove the app, i would keep if the amount wasn't so high !


I have had this app for nearly a year - mostly it hasn't been too bad. However in the last month I have been trying to contact them because suddenly my products aren't showing up and no one there can seem to be bothered to even answer my emails and when they do it is the same bulk standard answer!
Shocking, shocking service....


The Yahoo apps are a joke. I would review the customer service -- IF THEY HAD ANY! I've been writing weekly enquiries and have not received a single response -- other than an automated response. I have no idea how or why Shopify would allow such an app on its platform. These apps have significantly deterred from my enjoyment of Shopify. Terrible!


They charge commission and recently increased their base advertising budget from $100 to $200 a month. They did this to increase their minimum commission they receive. They force you to renew your budget every month no matter how much is remaining so that they can collect more commission. Does it make sense to make stores renew their budget before they've exhausted their current balance? So you're just sitting on unused cash in your budget every month. I will request a refund of my balance every month before they recharge me so that this makes sense at all.


Bad experience with this. I tried to call the number given for support and it leads you to a generic voicemail box. I emailed and got a generic automated response and no follow-up. You will see your products begin appearing in google search product ads, but still no communication from Yahoo/Lexity. The results of these product ads don't show up in Google Analytics, or maybe they do show up as organic. No way to really tell. It also has an adverse effect on other Google Analytics such as Conversions numbers. If you use Google Tag Assistant for chrome and go to your site, you will see Yahoo/Lexity has duplicated the analytics tags that are already there (assuming you have enabled Analytics in shopify) and the Tag Assistant shows it as an Error and states you will have ambigous analytics results because of this. I removed the app and all analytics are back to normal. Still no communication from company except for generic automated emails.


This app is amazing!! I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to boost their sales. It is worth every penny.


Absolutely essential app for anyone running a shopify store that wants to get their products on Google Shopping. Within a few clicks to set up budget and parameters you will be up and running. Let's face it, having a presence on Google Shopping is essential. Highly Recommended!


This app helps you to easily run Google ads. You could adjust the budget. And Category Bids is really helpful. It shows Impressions, clicks and ROI and so on.

$19.00 / month

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