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Live Web Insights by Yahoo

Live Web Insights by Yahoo

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  • Monitor what pages every visitor currently in your store is viewing
  • Find out which of your visitors are in the shopping cart, and where your visitors drop off
  • View detailed, real-time path reports for unique visitors with real-time visitor tracking

Live Web Insights (formerly Lexity Live) is a free real-time visitor tracking tool for Shopify that lets you see who is in your store now, what pages they are viewing, which products they are putting in the shopping cart, and more.


    Monitor your customer activity in real time

    Live Web Insights is a free website traffic analysis tool designed for ecommerce, with real time visitor tracking and much more. Other analytics tools can take hours to process data, too late for you to react. With Live Web Insights, real time information about current site visitors lets you watch your customers browse your website and go from checkout to purchase, all as it happens.

    Initiate chats with customers

    Increase your conversions and customer satisfaction. With one click, start chatting with any visitor on your site instantly.

    Get smart, actionable marketing insights

    Find out your top keywords, top referring sites, and more at a glance. Live Web Insights automatically analyzes your store visit data and summarizes it into clear, simple takeaways so you get smart and actionable marketing recommendations.

    See your traffic and revenue split out by channel

    Finally, find out where your sales are really coming from. See which of your marketing efforts are giving you the best return on investment, with charts that show your traffic and revenue by channel.

    View your store’s historical trends

    Understand your traffic and revenue trends over time, your top customers by sales and geographical location, and your store’s growth and seasonality.

    What Our Customers Say

    "Live Web Insights has that fascination factor. You get this connection to your customer when you can see someone come in and look around, right when they're doing it…I keep Lexity Live open in a tab all the time and check it half a dozen times a day…My daughter says I'm addicted. I think she's right."
    — Cheryl Rowland, Creative Merchandise Store

    Learn More

    Learn more at commercecentral.yahoo.com, where you can also chat with us live, contact us, or call us toll free at 1-866-255-0108. Follow the Commerce Central Tumblr for updates on our products.

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Live Web Insights by Yahoo reviews (81)


So far, I haven't had an issue with this app. It seems to be doing what it says. I look at to find how my store is performing and the amount of visitors.


Not the best.


Doesn't appear to do anything


The app simply doesn't do anything !!!!


It was working. Now it's not, and after 4 tries at contacting them, no response. When it was working, it was great but sadly, I can't recommend it or the service because both are unreliable. It's a great idea and I wish they would get their act together!


This group of Sales/Technical people aren't work a leg to stand on. I switched to Shopify from Bigcommerce and i am unable to change the settings because my shopify store url is too long. I asked this group to handle it and after 5 tries they still can't get it right.

Have no idea is the app works or is helpful because the customer service is the WORST!


We use this app to find out our most visited web pages, products, and categories on our website over time. Thanks Live Web Insights!


Awesome way to view how a client navigates through your store includes landing pages and visitor flow. Nice app!


UPDATE 21.03.15 - App still not working and we've had NO response from the developer / support team despite contacting them twice. Have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the app with no luck. Shopify should intervene when app developers can't be bothered to respond and resolve issues!! We've reduced our rating to 1 star (although it should be no stars)!
This app worked great for the first couple of months and then it just stopped working! It shows no customers when there are definitely customers on my site and purchasing products. Not sure why it stopped working - we didn't change anything. It's a shame because when it was working it was really good, but we've uninstalled it now. Might try re-installing to see if that prompts the app to work again!


I was using this app for a couple of months for different shops. I really liked it. Tracking the customer cycle on my website was fantastic. Thanks!

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