Slidey Bar

Slidey Bar

開發者:Low Fruit Solutions PTY LTD

Get an Instant Custom Sidebar for you store.

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Get a Sidebar

Increase the visual appeal of your store with a great looking side bar.

Easy to Use

Quickly add custom and dynamic content that your customers will want to see.

Save Money

Fits any theme. No expensive development or coding required.

有關 Slidey Bar

Slidey Bar is an instant custom side bar for your store, that requires no coding and allows you to showcase the content you want to your visitors.

Dynamic Content

Use custom viewing filters to choose what content you display across different parts of your site.

Custom Styling

Easy and intuitive styling options to match your theme look and feel or be completely different!

Suitable for any Theme

No Developer required and Mobile friendly

Side Bar Content Options

  • Collection - Promote a group of Products based on collection.
  • Custom Code - Custom Liquid and HTML code support
  • Custom Text - Show what you store is about
  • Images - Create an eye catching Advert or Promotion
  • Menu Links - Add custom navigation
  • Recent Blog Posts - Show your latest posts on your blog
  • Related Products - Dynamically recommend related products on your product pages
  • Site Search
  • Tags - Display the categories for your blog, collection or product

Pro Blogger Support

  • Related Posts - Show related posts in your blog
  • Related Products - Show related products in your blog
  • Related Product Posts - Show related blog posts on your product pages

Simple Installation and Management

  • Automated installation
  • Manage settings from Theme Customisation
  • Need help? We are here for you

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最近的評論 / Sue Ann's Flying Star Ranch, LLC

Just installed & completely set up today.... It can do a lot!! And still look nice & clean enough! I took the time to navigate the intricacies of what all I wanted to feature, which pages to include/exclude what & exactly which order to put it so it shows on the various pages as I wanted. I'm super happy & think it will help as some clients/visitors don't quite realize I offer items in addition to my services, plus some may not have taken the time to realize/view helpful blogs posts... this should definitely help get all that information across/integrated to a greater degree without being obnoxious with pop ups, etc. I prefer a relaxed, professional yet low key approach. Also, I chose to incorporate the Search feature & it immediately integrated seamlessly with my Searchanise app (greatly enhanced search features) so I was thrilled. Even more... they immediately responded to inquiries & immediately fixed a glitch with multiple pricing on items, plus integrated my reviews star ratings from my app which didn't automatically integrate. Last but not least... it looks great on my phone, does not interfere with my slide-out menu or anything else... This is key, it's got to work well on mobile devices & it does on my site. Look forward to seeing what happens! ~SA~ /


If there is one company that understands and delivers deep value for the "Blog Section" of Shopify, it is Low Fruit Solutions. This app is yet another winner which allows users to search for content based on a specific blog. I am loving it and have no hesitation in recommending it.



Thank you for the kind words - we really appreciate the valued feedback!