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5 de septiembre de 2023

Amazing app. Horrible customer service. They have amazing reports for customer LTV, but anytime I've experienced a technical issue, it results in me not being able to access my dashboard, making it extremely difficult to run our business. It's a shame when you become reliant on such a great tool, and then get left in the dust with only email support that never gets back to you. 5-star Shopify apps have live chat support or phone support, or at the very least get back to you within 24 hours via email. Neither of these exist. May have to looking into a different LTV tool if this issue doesn't get resolved.

Estados Unidos
Casi 2 años usando la aplicación
29 de noviembre de 2023

Great tool but calculates LTV wrong. I love all the different ways and plug ins but currently it doesn't let you calculate LTV on a cohort basis on a Contribution Margin 2 point of view, this is how most investors look at it so you will burn your hand presenting any of the Sales or Gross Margin LTV tables. Basically the Gross Margin LTV table does it on Total Sales not Net Sales so it includes Tax/Vat which makes no sense. They do have a Net sales table which we had to use to work it out ourselves on a CM2 level. Kinda strange they would have this wrong. Rest pretty good and customer service fast / helpful (and agreed with us on the above point).

Reino Unido
6 meses usando la aplicación respondió 3 de enero de 2024

Hey, seems that there's a misunderstanding here. The gross margin metric on Lifetimely's LTV report is after taxes and has always been since 2019 when we launched the app. As you stated, it's useless if it's not based on net sales.

Please reach out to our support at and let's double check your settings in Shopify.