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2023년 3월 15일

We are pretty happy with Lifetimely.
It helps us a lot for financial and business topics.
No more endless macros and the support is great.

What Matters
앱 사용 시간: 3개월
2023년 3월 13일

Easy set-up, great insights (like CAC payback, new/returning customers, LTV cohort, etc.). Helpfull app.

HappySoaps NL
앱 사용 시간: 4개월
2023년 3월 9일

Excellent product and great Customer Support! Surprised for the excellent onboarding process and super-fast customer support resolving issues.

The only disappointment is that they still don't have an integration with Amazon Seller account ... but they told me that the development is work in progress as it's one of the key features demanded by their clients.
앱 사용 시간: 11일
2023년 3월 9일

Amazing capabilities and great customer service. I am a new user and I am super excited for what key insights I can uncover!

Toddlekind EU
앱 사용 시간: 5개월
2023년 2월 16일

Each time I use this app I'm finding even more value from the insights. The support team has been fantastic anytime I've needed assistance.

Begin Health, Inc.
앱 사용 시간: 3개월
2023년 2월 16일

Lifetimely is an incredibly helpful tool to understand your LTV and customer journey. On top of the tool being helpful and intuitive itself, the Customer Success team is amazing and willing to dive in to help you figure out any problem. Could not recommend them more!

앱 사용 시간: 대략 2년
2023년 1월 30일

This app is like lifesaver gives authentic income statement and you can easily plan your discounts and margin. Linking of google ads account and auto calculation of CAC and ROAS is very cool. Must have app for all store owners.
Mitchel from customer experience was super helpful in giving clarification on my cost calculation related doubts.

앱 사용 시간: 2일
2023년 1월 30일

Very user friendly. Great introductory call to answer questions. Just started using the app but so far so good.

shop LUX decor
앱 사용 시간: 7일
2023년 1월 24일

Great Customer Support! If you have an issue, they get back to you quickly and never leave an email unanswered.

앱 사용 시간: 12일
2023년 1월 17일

As a small dtc brand owner, Lifetimely is a great alternative to Triple Whale. You set up your costs + integrate your paid media platforms and have an accurate view on how much money you make every day, week and month. Support is fast, reliable and friendly. 10/10

Oyo Skincare
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