Lifo: influencer marketplace

Lifo: influencer marketplace


Automated Instagram & TikTok influencer marketing + Boost ROI

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Fully managed campaigns

Work with best influencers within a few clicks. Set your budget and wait for your results!

Zero operational overhead

A full suite of toolkit to take over the heavy-lifting operations of collaborating with influencers.

Achieve 7X ROAS

Drive traffic and boost brand awareness through collaboration with social media influencers.

Su Lifo: influencer marketplace

Lifo - AI-powered marketplace for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a high ROI, high demand and yet young marketing strategy. Compared to digital marketing industry offerings by tech giants, influencer marketing is able to help you attract more customers and bring high-quality content.

Lifo enables brands to run influencer marketing campaigns with unprecedented transparency and efficiency so that brands are able to promote their products through a few simple clicks.

Lifo leverages industry-leading AI technology to overcome some of the challenges in influencer marketing. Key features include:

Automatically discovers the best fit influencers from tens of millions of influencers on Instagram

Collaborate with influencers for marketing campaigns, including setting up campaign requirements, commission plan, content review, and many more.

Track all the campaign performance for each of your campaigns and each of the influencers you work with.

Love, Lifo Team

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Installazione gratuita

For lifo's fully managed influencer marketing campaigns, commissions including service fees may be charged.

5.0 stelle su 5

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This has been one of the most powerful internet influencers' platforms I've ever used. The quality of the influencers is pretty good. The collaborations significantly increased our brand impressions on Instagram. I'm looking forward to seeing Lifo integrating more social platforms into it. Highly recommend.


I've been using the app for around 2 months. I got introduced to it by a friend and it works really well! I love their idea of scaling up the impact by leveraging high-quality influencers and it truly helped our brand to grow. I'll continue using it.


It is super easy to manage influencer campaigns in Lifo. They basically do all the work for you, including research, reach out, sign agreements, follow-up, and more. This saves me a lot of time so I can focus on my business. We've already got some nice content and sales from our latest campaign. I am happy to work with Lifo! Thank you Alex for the support!