Lifo ‑ Social Commerce Partner

Lifo ‑ Social Commerce Partner


Smart supply chain for Creators

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Direct access to manufactures

Access to a wide selection of merchandise, with Lifo quality control and money back guarantee.

Product Library and Design

Design your own signature products or find white label products you want. We have it all to suite your needs.

Automated operations

No more operational headaches in warehousing, fulfillment, logistics. Enjoy shipping to your fans globally!

Over Lifo ‑ Social Commerce Partner

About Lifo

Ready to turn your creativity into business? Lifo is the best supply chain provider for creators. Our mission is to help you to launch a sustainable and unique business for many years to come. Lifo will take care of the heavy lifting - product sourcing, logistics, warehousing, fulfillment and e-commerce tools - so you can focus on what you love doing.

How can Lifo help your business?

Lifo empowers you to easily build up and run your social commerce business just within a few clicks:

  • Turn your creative ideas into tangible products via Lifo product design tool
  • Access to high quality products from reliable suppliers
  • Get our support for product sourcing if you have specific needs
  • Get Lifo’s help to manage all the logistics, quality control, inventory management, custom clearance and warehousing
  • Get your orders fulfilled automatically with Fulfilled by Lifo (FBL) service. Lifo will handle all the fulfillments, cancellations and returns for you - and we ship globally too!
  • Apply and receive additional Creator Funds support for your business - Up to $5,000!

Where can I use the funds?

You can use your Creator Funds in purchasing sample and merchandise products. You can use the funds to deduct up to 40% of the total amount. Visit the “Create” tab on the left sidebar to stock up for your business!

Start your social commerce business now!




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For lifo's advanced service, additional sourcing, design, and warehousing fees may be charged.

3.9 van 5 sterren

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Maddie's American Pet Products

This used to be a app for finding influencers, it is now some sort drop ship app. I think its pretty shady to redo the app like that and still have reviews from the other one.


This has been one of the most powerful internet influencers' platforms I've ever used. The quality of the influencers is pretty good. The collaborations significantly increased our brand impressions on Instagram. I'm looking forward to seeing Lifo integrating more social platforms into it. Highly recommend.


I've been using the app for around 2 months. I got introduced to it by a friend and it works really well! I love their idea of scaling up the impact by leveraging high-quality influencers and it truly helped our brand to grow. I'll continue using it.