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App developer no longer supports the app. Errors in product feed were constant, they make you create a second Merchant Center account.

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The app does not work at all. First off, it requires you to create a NEW Google Merchant Center account (in ADDITION to what you already have set up through Shopify: This, of course, causes all sorts mismatch errors. All of the products that I have in Google Merchant Center feed handled by Shopify are approved, but none are approved through the LimeSpot feed. If you already have a Google Merchant Center account that's free to use, administered through Shopify, totally set up, configured, approved and good to go, you need to disconnect that and re-configure everything again through Limespot. Then comes the issue of support. Good luck getting a straight answer. Yes, they have 24/7 VA's answering the chat, but the only response given is that they need to check with the engineering team. That's the extent of the support you can expect.