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3. Mai 2024

BE VERY CAREFUL. This app is a scam. It's three times more expensive than Shopify's own plan, they don't provide a proportional increase to the charges they apply, they don't warn about extra charges, and the customer service is either terrible or non-existent. Ultimately, the worst decision I made with an app is downloading this.

8 monate mit der App
LimeSpot hat geantwortet 6. Mai 2024

We're sorry you feel this way about your experience with LimeSpot. We have refunded the charges you didn't expect.

Our pricing is clearly laid out on our website at, in our documentation at, and in our app when you install it and are asked to select a plan.

It is worth noting for other merchants reading this review that during the period referenced, LimeSpot accounted for more than 25% of this store's total revenue.

25. August 2023

App charges me almost $600 a month with no transparency. To give you an idea of how ridiculous the fluctuations in charges are: In January my sales were about $100k. I was charged $348. In July/August my sales were about the same amount over 30 days, but I was charged $587.

I left a one star review last year after they charged me over $1500+, which was shocking for a single app with unproven results.

The head of customer success responded almost immediately. They were very attentive for a week or so after that, and responded extra quickly. With every email, they begged me to edit the one-star review. The moment I did that, the head "went out of office" and never came back, and I was shunted to a customer service person.

I left it alone for a while because the charges went down for a bit after that and I thought it was acceptable for the sales volume. But now I find I'm getting charged $600+ again. When I log in to check the analytics, I am only given an overview but not access to the detailed analytics. Let that sink in. Almost $600 a month and I can't even see the data from my store.

The overview claims it's responsible for 28% of sales on my store, which is doubtful considering the bulk of my orders are single items related to my ads. I suspect if customers even interact with the boxes in any way, it counts as a sale, which is ridculous.

I've emailed them a couple of times to see if I could reduce my charge by switching from Pay as you Go to a flat rate, and they asked me to pay $450 a month or a almost $5000 a year annual fee anyway. Mind you, at that point my monthly fee on PAYG was $348.

I'm switching off soon, this app is extremely expensive with no transparency on how you're charged, and they will squeeze you for money any chance they get.

I suspect changing the boxes to another app will not only not impact sales too much, but speed up my store loading (Speed tests have indicated they are one of the bigger culprits in adding to my loading speed). The only reason I haven't switched is because their customer success person whom I believed would know what they're doing placed their boxes all over my shop and I need to make sure removing them doesn't break my store.

TLDR: Ridiculous pricing from predatory developers who will ramp up their charges when you're not paying attention and make it difficult for you to see the data justifying it, all the while collecting your data for themselves. Would not recommend.

Wyverns Hoard LLC
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 5 jahre mit der App
LimeSpot hat geantwortet 5. September 2023

We are very sorry you are unhappy with our pricing and services and have reached out privately to explore potential resolutions and address your concerns.

Based on your review, we can see that you feel LimeSpot lacks transparency and an explanation of how LimeSpot-driven sales are attributed.

LimeSpot uses the industry standard practice of attribution based on clicks. Established companies, from Klaviyo to Google, use this method as well. To be fair, we disregard any purchases that take place more than 7 days after a LimeSpot element is clicked.

We discuss the topic of attribution in both of the following Help Center articles. You may find some of the detailed information you are looking for in one or both of these articles:

How are LimeSpot analytics generated?

What Sale is Considered a LimeSpot Driven Sale?

You have access to the “Overview” of analytics, the “Recommendations” Analytics, and the “Products” Analytics. Your account is limited to these categories because all the others available (except for “Revenue”) refer to LimeSpot features you are not using as part of your current plan. However, we believe these 3 reports should display all the information you need to understand how LimeSpot is performing in your store.

You may find the “Recommendations” Analytics page particularly informative as it allows you to view the performance of individual recommendation boxes based on the pages they live on. These analytics also include a breakdown of clicks and sales conversions. Using this information, you can get a better sense of the behavior of customers in relation to your LimeSpot boxes.

We understand that, at this time, in particular, costs can be a large pain point for brands. The pricing plans we offer customers reflect both our desire to help brands find the pricing structure that works best for them and our firm belief in the value we add to our users’ stores.

The fee for your plan is based on 2% of the LimeSpot-driven revenue. This means that, depending on the month, your fee will fluctuate based on how much revenue LimeSpot drives for a given period. If you are looking for a more predictable model for pricing, we recommend you switch to the “Essentials Plan.”

We want you to have the very best experience with LimeSpot. You will get the highest level of concierge-style support when you contact our team via email or messaging. If you have any questions or run into trouble, we’re here to help! In addition to addressing concerns and solving problems, our team is also happy to assist in configuring your LimeSpot boxes to maximize their effectiveness.

Here's to hoping you'll give us a shot to turn things around! We're committed to making things right and are eager to keep moving forward together. Thanks for sharing your feedback – it helps us improve and provide a better experience for everyone.

24. Juli 2023

people who work in support are not helpful, I was deceived for $ 18, they pretended that it was not their fault, admitted to wrongly charging the fee, and now they do not want to withdraw it, because, as they say, they cannot

I advise against installing this app, there are only problems with it, they will charge money and disregard you

Fluffy Cats
19 tage mit der App
LimeSpot hat geantwortet 31. Juli 2023

Our Customer Service Specialist has been communicating with you about this issue privately, and we assure you that your $18 will be refunded once posted. Our Service Specialist is watching your account daily and will process the refund from our end as quickly as possible.

We understand that you were attempting to use our app in your “test store. However, because the store does not have official Shopify development store status, you were charged $18 when your free trial period ended.

Shopify is the payment processor for all Shopify apps, meaning we are subject to their processes. Shopify will notify a merchant of a charge long before the charge is “posted” for the Shopify app. This means that while we understand you were charged $18, we have to wait for Shopify to “post” the charge before we can see the charge and issue a refund.

We understand that you have tried to contact Shopify about this charge, and we have, but we are still waiting for their response. At this point, the best course of action would be to wait for the charge to post, and as soon as it does, we can issue the refund.

13. September 2023

Terrible, messed up our cart page. Adjustments to cart items with the plus and minus button now duplicates the product inside the cart, removing the product also duplicates it again. They should be removed from the app store list for this terrible code corruption, so rookie. PLEASE FIX NOW!

PureClean Performance
Vereinigte Staaten
6 minuten mit der App
LimeSpot hat geantwortet 18. September 2023

We apologize for any confusion.

LimeSpot is a recommendation and merchandising tool. While our recommendation boxes appear in your Shopify store’s public-facing interface when you publish them, out-of-the-box, we do not alter the behavior of your cart or other basic website functionality.

Given that you had LimeSpot installed for about 7 minutes, there was no time for your team to make any custom modifications that could have caused this issue. LimeSpot did not cause the glitch with your cart plus/minus buttons.

However, we would like to help you to use LimeSpot. We have contacted you privately to offer assistance and help to optimize your LimeSpot recommendation boxes.

We hope we can move past this confusion, collaborating closely with you to enhance the growth of your brand.

Bearbeitet am 20. Juni 2022

Totally misleading charging structure. I also am reporting this to Shopify. Be warned - we had been charged 900 dollars per month for several months more than advertised!!! Do not install this app!!!!

Mehr als 7 jahre mit der App
2. Januar 2022

I have used the App for a while now and was so surprised to see the amount they were charging based on my stores revenue. I have written to support a few times now, and all I get is a link to change my plan since my store was apparently on the old structure? I have tried doing this and it still doesn't work. No help from Support with this matter and I am very disappointed since I have been using the app for many years. I have removed it as I don't want to pay for something that isn't working for me at this moment.

Educational Toy Shop Online and STEM Supplies Store | KidzInc Australia
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LimeSpot hat geantwortet 4. Januar 2022

Thanks for letting us know about your experience. We are very sorry to hear this and it is of utmost importance to sort out. Our team reached out directly —we're looking forward to hopping on a call with you to assist in any way we can.

It's our goal to make every customer delighted by LimeSpot—we are looking forward to addressing your concern and getting you back up and running with LimeSpot!

6. Mai 2023

App does not function correctly.
We have on ongoing connectivity issue which stops us being able to configure the app to use on the site. The limespot support team are unable to advise or solve the issue after many weeks. We will be removing the app and looking for apps which do not have any many bugs . .

Snakehive US
Vereinigtes Königreich
Mehr als 4 jahre mit der App
LimeSpot hat geantwortet 1. Juni 2023

We would like to apologize for the negative experience you had using our product. We have reached out to you privately about possible solutions. Unfortunately, it has not been possible for our team to replicate the specific and isolated issue you encountered in one of your stores. If you would like to give us another chance, we’ll be happy to work with you to further troubleshoot the issue.

Bearbeitet am 15. Juni 2023

Extremely Disappointing Experience with Limespot Personalizer

Our company recently had the misfortune of using Limespot Personalizer, and we are extremely disappointed with the service we received. Our encounter with this platform was nothing short of a complete disaster, and we strongly advise against anyone considering their services.

Inadequate Support: Limespot Personalizer's support team left much to be desired. Whenever we encountered issues, their response was unhelpful and unsatisfactory. They consistently failed to address our concerns effectively, leaving us feeling neglected and frustrated. It was disheartening to receive such poor support for a product we were paying for.

Persistent Breakdowns: We experienced frequent and disruptive technical issues while using Limespot Personalizer. It seemed that everything was constantly breaking down, causing our website to become dysfunctional. This unreliability had a significant negative impact on our business, affecting our online presence and customer experience. It was an ongoing nightmare that hindered our operations.

Misleading Email Solution: Limespot Personalizer's email solution was incredibly flawed and misleading. It would often direct recipients to a different page than what was promised in the email, causing confusion and frustration. This inconsistency reflects poorly on our brand and damages customer trust. We expected a basic functionality like email marketing to be reliable, but Limespot Personalizer failed to deliver.

Blame Game: Perhaps the most infuriating aspect of our experience was the way Limespot Personalizer's support team handled our concerns. Instead of taking responsibility for their product's shortcomings, they consistently shifted the blame onto us. Their refusal to acknowledge their own faults and tendency to blame us for the issues only added insult to injury. It was an unprofessional and frustrating experience.

Regrettable Years of Partnership: Regrettably, we trusted and used Limespot Personalizer for an extended period, enduring years of disappointment. It was a costly mistake that impacted our business negatively. Waking up to a broken site, malfunctioning emails, and an unusable website became a regular occurrence. We deeply regret our decision to stick with Limespot Personalizer for as long as we did.

In conclusion, our experience with Limespot Personalizer was nothing short of a nightmare. The inadequate support, persistent breakdowns, misleading email solution, and blame-shifting created an unmanageable situation for our company. We caution anyone considering their services to steer clear unless they want to subject themselves to a consistently broken website, dysfunctional email system, and unsatisfactory support. Save yourself the trouble and look for a more reliable and trustworthy alternative.

CraftShack - Buy craft beer online.
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Mehr als 4 jahre mit der App
LimeSpot hat geantwortet 27. Juni 2023

We are disappointed to receive this review from a brand we have dedicated significant time and effort to assisting over the past 3 years. During this period, LimeSpot has consistently delivered exceptional results, generating over 150X ROI and contributing over 25% of Craftshack’s revenue through our product recommendations. Our team has worked diligently and made every reasonable effort to meet the needs of this brand.

Regrettably, despite our product’s outstanding performance, we were never able to satisfy this customer's demands. We agree that parting ways is the most prudent decision in this case. Moving forward, we continue to welcome collaborative and appreciative customers who can fully benefit from our products and services.

Bearbeitet am 25. April 2020

Update 04/25/20
Popular item boxes on collection pages now rarely update, even when manually syncing. So I've now removed those as well. Limespot's removed the product analytics from the free version also, not much reason to hang on to this app much longer. Still using it for boxes on my blogs, since it's free, but if I can find something to substitute for it I'll drop this app altogether. If you have issues with Limespot I recommend checking out Globo Upsell Related Products, works right out of the box, amazing recommendations and have had zero issues.

**Update** 02/01/20
Had to remove the related item boxes from my product pages as support could never fix the issue and I got tired of waiting. Now using Globo Upsell app and am very pleased with it, worked right out of the box with really good recommendations, something I could never say about Limespot which I've had nothing but issues with from day one. Now having problems with Popular boxes on the collection pages not properly updating. Once again Limespot can never seem to fix these issues timely. Luckily I'm not paying anything for this app because it's not generating any revenue, if I had to pay for it I would have uninstalled long ago. If you have a small amount of products this app may work for you. But it doesn't seem to be able to handle stores with a few hundred to thousands of products.

**Update** 10/4/19
May have figured out why this app never generates sales for me, on a collection with over 1,300 products I just discovered it has the same dozen Related Items on each... so on my biggest collection the app is not doing it's job basically it's randomly selecting a dozen products and using them in the same order on every product page... this is no better than the bare bones version that came with my Shopify theme.


I've been using LimeSpot for over two years and have seen no improvement in sales. Perhaps it's my unique setup as I have thousands of products and only one quantity of each. I've had many discussions with support and they all end in the same way, they offer to setup my website so I have boxes everywhere (essentially SPAMing my own site) or they try to give me a bizarre explanation about how their algorithm works. Simply put, if an item gets one view and one add to cart it gets a recognized as a highly popular product, where a product that gets 40 to 50 views doesn't register as popular at all. So currently on my most popular items in my largest collection of over 1,000 products I have a bunch of products that have a few views and they've been there for over a month, whereas products that are getting a lot of views are not being highlighted at all. To me that's flawed. So I've basically had to just remove all those because they are useless and rarely ever change. I'm only keeping the app around because I like the blog integration, the related items on the products pages are better than Shopify's (which just showed the first products from the collection on every product page) and I'm not paying anything for it (because it's not making me any money). I'd uninstall it immediately if I had to go back to paying a monthly charge.

Voluptuous Vinyl Records
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Fast 4 jahre mit der App
LimeSpot hat geantwortet 3. Mai 2019

Thank you for your detailed feedback. I'm sorry to that your experience have not been great. Our Analytics Team is taking a closer look at your case since the quantity of products should not be a reason for our algorithms to not properly work. We are in contact with you and we will try our best to find a solution for this. Keep an eye out for an email from us.

2. November 2021

Please be noted: This app charged you based on the total revenue of your store NOT the revenue from THIS APP.
You spent so much on social media to get those orders BUT the app will charge you hundreds for that.
Their plan is completely insane. I would like to give 0 STARS if there is

Sonderverwaltungsregion Hongkong
Fast 2 jahre mit der App
LimeSpot hat geantwortet 3. November 2021

We hear you. Our pricing based on overall store size is best suited for merchants who want to use LimeSpot throughout their site. We've just launched a new pricing plan, called "Pay as you grow,' where pricing is based on revenue direct driven from LimeSpot placements on your site.

We would love the opportunity to work with you to get you on this new pricing plan. We have reached out to you via email-- please also feel free to contact us via support@ or chat.