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1. Februar 2019

If your store do not transact in USD, DO NOT USE them. Their recommendations literally wiped of every margin we earned.

Online Digital (Singapore)
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Bearbeitet am 8. Dezember 2017

OMG the app is not working again :(

Vereinigte Staaten
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
Bearbeitet am 29. November 2018

App has unfair billing practices. Charge you blindly without giving any reason for doing so...Beware

Aug 30 this app charged me $25 for next 30 days subscription

Then on Sept 16 it charged me again $ 25 for next 30 days subsciption

Then on Sept 17 it charged me again $ 25 for next 30 days subscription

Then on Sept 18 it charged me again $ 25 for next 30 days subscription....

Do i have to pay them $ 25 daily for next 30 days subscriptions?? What an fraud app....

** BEWARE.....App removed almost 2 months back...yet it is playing with my theme :-

Personalizer - AI Recommendations by LimeSpot changed theme: qrack-v1-5-0
November 28, 2018 at 4:01 AM GMT+5:30

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5. Mai 2018

So these app guys have injected pixel - 928871153944072 on all of my store that were using this app.

I couldn't figure out from where this pixel was coming. I already had a doubt on this app. So I reached to their support and they clearly said that they DO NOT insert any pixel..

I reached Shopify support and they removed the app left over code and the pixel got removed.

Even un-installing the app didn't help. So make sure you remove the code completely.

Because of multiple pixels on my store, the data was not tracking correctly. I suffered loss overall.

Etwa ein jahr mit der App
31. Oktober 2018

These guys have automatically charged US$ 10 without informing our prior intimation. We do not recommend usage of this app at all. You cannot keep a track as to when the Free Charge or US$ 0.01 charge per month goes to US$ 10 per month. The app also makes the site perform slower and is difficult to manage and operate. A Big No to this app, one should never use this with their shopify store.

11 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 7. September 2019

I SAVED more than $700 per month being charged with this app for my two Shopify stores by REMOVING this app.

What I did?
1. Install theme with built it features of recently viewed, you may like it.
2. Install frequently bought together app for $6.99 per month.

That's it!

I saw negative feedback last august 18, 2019 questioning why this app is charging so much where we can get it by free or for a very cheap price. AND he's RIGHT!

I posted negative feedback because I wasted a lot of money using this app for months!

P.S. My revenue didn't drop. I'm getting the same revenue or even better. .

Perfume Philippines
11 monate mit der App
LimeSpot hat geantwortet 6. September 2019

We are sorry to hear you were less than satisfied with our app. Our app is fully automated and AI-driven where we generate personalized recommendations based on shopper's activities, and preferences. It is much more than You May Like, Frequently Bought Together, and recently viewed product carousels because we pride ourselves on being able to dynamically target shoppers with the right products at the right time and price point. Not all recommendations are created equal and that is what separates between us and our competitors.

Regarding our pricing, we hear our customers about this and are actually in the process of changing our pricing model to better match the needs of various types of stores, especially smaller stores with a more restricted budget. At LimeSpot we are committed to fair, honest pricing because we value our customers and truly appreciate the time to share your opinions. Please watch out for that if you are still interested in using our app in the future.

You can expect an email from someone on our Customer Care team soon to address your issues.

Bearbeitet am 14. November 2017

Recurring issue with recommendations not showing currencies correctly so effectively pricing all recommendations incorrectly, i.e higher. 4 emails to support and we have no fix and no reply from development. We are on a premium Plus plan and being charged accordingly - out of frustration have uninstalled and moved on. Appalling service at a premium price.

*Original Review*
It's a good app and does convert for us. Would rate higher if the interface was less complex.

10 monate mit der App
2. März 2021

Totally misleading charging structure. I am reporting this to Shopify. Be warned - you will be charged hundreds of dollars per month more than advertised!!! Do not install this app.

Vereinigtes Königreich
9 monate mit der App
LimeSpot hat geantwortet 2. März 2021

UPDATE: After deep investigation, we have found that this customer has been using our product for 8 months with top results, and this is the first time we are hearing about any issues with our product or our pricing. Our detailed pricing tiers can be found at We're sorry that this customer felt this way.


Hello. I’m sorry to hear about your disappointment with us, and I would like to personally assist you with making things right. It is in no intention for us to mislead users on our pricing.

One of our teammates from the Customer Support team have tried to reach you at the provided phone number, but was not successful. Please kindly reach out to us at, we value your business.

Bearbeitet am 20. August 2021

Great app for upselling, very friendly and communicative staff! The content is customizable to match any theme. Would recommend to a friend.

8 monate mit der App
LimeSpot hat geantwortet 2. März 2021

Thank you so much for your feedback, you put a big smile on our faces! Our team is hard at work trying to continuously improve our product and it’s always rewarding to hear kind words. We love that you love us :)

Bearbeitet am 30. Oktober 2018

The app is charging my card $10 every month. I've been using the app for a while, when I first started I didn't get charged, I think it said that try for free. Now the app is charging me $10 for every month, that was unacceptable. The app is not worth the price. I've to uninstall. For you guys trying to open a store, this app is not worth it, you will spend extra bucks for your store expenses, you guys better cut down some cost and this app is one of the reasons. Don't use this app.

My Smart Supply
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