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Great tool

Sense for Decor
使用應用程式 4年多

I'm finding lots of bugs with this app and as it has become more sophisticated, it's become more difficult to use. e.g. If I try to make configuration changes, it just seems to fall over and I can't access it for a few hours as it resets. Probably user error, but even so, it shouldn't behave as it is. I'm on the verge of swapping for another recommender engine.

使用應用程式 8年多
LimeSpot 已回覆 2020年3月23日

We are very sorry for the frustrating experience you had with our app. Our engineering team has since fixed the issues and your account is now good to go. We tried to reach out to you via the live chat to let you know that everything is now fixed. Hopefully you will be able to give us another chance before swapping for another app! Do reach out to us at support@limespot.com so we can help you with any other concerns you may have with our product.


I have loved this app up until the point where the recommendations loaded before our collections distorting our shop view totally. When I contacted the Lime Spot support team about the issue they implemented bugs on my shopify store destroying all links on the product pages including the ADD TO CART button!! Hours spent with Shopify support and 5 days not being able to sell as nobody could use the Add to Cart button.... Still discovering additional damage as they also changed my blog page and you guessed it, none of the links work anymore....
Edit 12 months later:
I have upgraded from a previous 1* review to a 3* review for the personal support provided in the last week. The team at Limespot have been responsive and also fixed the last remaining issues implemented on my store 12 months ago and refunded some of the fees paid. These actions were appreciated as a gesture of goodwill and that they are a company which takes responsibility for mistakes made. Ryanna from their team has been especially supportive, thank you!
I wished all this would have happened a bit earlier though, a shame really as they seem to be a motivated team!

Beach Life Australia De
使用應用程式 2年多

Poor App-... I have being paying for around 12 months or more, without having access to control the features. Afterwards they dont remove the coding, so store is slowed down. Waste of money dont do it! **Update** It was a mistake I have paid way to much. They gave me a refund for a month. Thats ok. I could have spotted it myself before. Michelle was a pleasure speaking to from Limespot. She get one of the stars personally.

使用應用程式 大約2年
LimeSpot 已回覆 2020年10月20日

**Update** Thank you so much for updating your review. The refund is currently being processed by Shopify as there hadn't been any charges to your account since February 2020. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Best of luck with everything and hope to see you soon!

We’re sorry to hear of your less than satisfactory experience and hope you will accept our sincerest apologies. We are committed to providing great customer service and we would like to make things right.

A request has been sent to your store so that our team can help with removing the leftover code. We would also like to offer you a better pricing plan with access to more features. Please expect an email from our support team to make things right.


whenever you update your prices, limespot doesn't update it on their system. After weeks past , their widget shows the old prices , causing confusion. You have to do manual sync each time you update your price in their app. Annoying. update: Apparently this issue is only with my store. thats what they said.

使用應用程式 5個月
LimeSpot 已回覆 2021年3月25日

***UPDATE 04/07/2021: In active contact with this customer already about the specific issue at hand. This issue is not known to be a system wide problem with LimeSpot Personalizer.***

We understand your disappointment. It’s important to us that our customers are more than satisfied and we would like the opportunity to resolve this issue immediately. If you give us a chance, we are intent on making this right and hope you will allow us to speak with you to discuss the situation.

We have reached out directly to you via the provided email address so please get back to us at your earliest convenience so we can resolve the issue at hand.


This app guys have injected pixel - 928871153944072 on all of my store that were using this app. I couldn't figure out from where this pixel was coming.

However they stated in their policy that they used a FB pixel I think but it is not a good idea at all, hope they will remove it as they claimed recently.

On the other hands it is a good app for Recommendations!

Try it but be aware!

使用應用程式 3個月

I Do love this app until I found out how much space its using on my website and was making it on the slower side, way tooo much script and space. If they can fix that then the app would be perfect

Ferosh Chick
使用應用程式 2個月

- Beautiful carrousel that loads fast and is fully responsive.
- Images are lazy-loaded and are only loaded when necessary.
- Possibly show all sorts of statistics and reports (although everything is 0 for us)
- Add to cart feature on each image, very neat!

- PRICE: not worth $49 per month ($588/year). Maybe $9/month pushing it.
- "Frequently Bought Together" are never frequently bought together
- "New Arrivals" does not show new arrivals. It shows items from 3 years ago instead of items added 1 month ago. Should be ordered by date-created
- "Related items" are not related at all.

Not recommended.

使用應用程式 大約1個月


使用應用程式 大約1個月
LimeSpot 已回覆 2020年4月24日

您好! 得知您即将关闭商店,我们深感抱歉。 我们的客服已与Shopify取得联系,已向您退还$ 30。 之所以向您收取30美元的费用是因为,如https://www.limespot.com/pricing所述,您的15天试用期结束后,将收到第一张发票。 对于每月订阅者,将在30天的结算周期内重复开具发票。 得知无法解决问题,我们深表歉意,但是请放心,您会把钱退还给您。

Hi there! We are sorry to hear that you are closing your store. Our support team has reached out to Shopify to refund you the $30 already. The reason you were charged the $30 is because, as stated on https://www.limespot.com/pricing, you will be sent your first invoice when your 15-day trial period is over. For monthly subscribers, invoicing will be repeated in 30-day billing cycles. We are sorry to hear that it did not work out, but please be assured that you will get your money back.


Trialled for a month or so with no real benefit seen, looks like we're an exception.

It didn't contribute over our trial and when I unnstalled, left some code in which I had to go and strip out. One thing to be careful with is that it adds to page weight and it caused a drop of 4-5 points on average per page in our google pagespeed insight scores.

Tenpin 2
使用應用程式 15天