Personalizer by LimeSpot

Personalizer by LimeSpot

by LimeSpot Solutions Inc.

Upsell, Cross-sell and Personalized Recommendations by AI

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Voluptuous Vinyl Records

I've been using LimeSpot for over two years and have seen no improvement in sales. Perhaps it's my unique setup as I have thousands of products and only one quantity of each. I've had many discussions with support and they all end in the same way, they offer to setup my website so I have boxes everywhere (essentially SPAMing my own site) or they try to give me a bizarre explanation about how their algorithm works. Simply put, if an item gets one view and one add to cart it gets a recognized as a highly popular product, where a product that gets 40 to 50 views doesn't register as popular at all. So currently on my most popular items in my largest collection of over 1,000 products I have a bunch of products that have a few views and they've been there for over a month, whereas products that are getting a lot of views are not being highlighted at all. To me that's flawed. So I've basically had to just remove all those because they are useless and rarely ever change. I'm only keeping the app around because I like the blog integration, the related items on the products pages are better than Shopify's (which just showed the first products from the collection on every product page) and I'm not paying anything for it (because it's not making me any money). I'd uninstall it immediately if I had to go back to paying a monthly charge.

Developer reply

May 3, 2019

Thank you for your detailed feedback. I'm sorry to that your experience have not been great. Our Analytics Team is taking a closer look at your case since the quantity of products should not be a reason for our algorithms to not properly work. We are in contact with you and we will try our best to find a solution for this. Keep an eye out for an email from us.


This app guys have injected pixel - 928871153944072 on all of my store that were using this app. I couldn't figure out from where this pixel was coming.

However they stated in their policy that they used a FB pixel I think but it is not a good idea at all, hope they will remove it as they claimed recently.

On the other hands it is a good app for Recommendations!

Try it but be aware!

Beach Life Australia De

I have loved this app up until the point where the recommendations loaded before our collections distorting our shop view totally. When I contacted the Lime Spot support team about the issue they implemented bugs on my shopify store destroying all links on the product pages including the ADD TO CART button!! Hours spent with Shopify support and 5 days not being able to sell as nobody could use the Add to Cart button.... Still discovering additional damage as they also changed my blog page and you guessed it, none of the links work anymore....
Edit 12 months later:
I have upgraded from a previous 1* review to a 3* review for the personal support provided in the last week. The team at Limespot have been responsive and also fixed the last remaining issues implemented on my store 12 months ago and refunded some of the fees paid. These actions were appreciated as a gesture of goodwill and that they are a company which takes responsibility for mistakes made. Ryanna from their team has been especially supportive, thank you!
I wished all this would have happened a bit earlier though, a shame really as they seem to be a motivated team!


- Beautiful carrousel that loads fast and is fully responsive.
- Images are lazy-loaded and are only loaded when necessary.
- Possibly show all sorts of statistics and reports (although everything is 0 for us)
- Add to cart feature on each image, very neat!

- PRICE: not worth $49 per month ($588/year). Maybe $9/month pushing it.
- "Frequently Bought Together" are never frequently bought together
- "New Arrivals" does not show new arrivals. It shows items from 3 years ago instead of items added 1 month ago. Should be ordered by date-created
- "Related items" are not related at all.

Not recommended.

Ferosh Chick

I Do love this app until I found out how much space its using on my website and was making it on the slower side, way tooo much script and space. If they can fix that then the app would be perfect

Tenpin 2

Trialled for a month or so with no real benefit seen, looks like we're an exception.

It didn't contribute over our trial and when I unnstalled, left some code in which I had to go and strip out. One thing to be careful with is that it adds to page weight and it caused a drop of 4-5 points on average per page in our google pagespeed insight scores.


Frustrated with the following aspects so I uninstalled. They contacted me with regards to my review so I have raised the rating. Hopefully they will fix the issues.

1) Causes site to slow down to unusable unacceptable speeds

2) Installs a huge number of snippets and files that are NOT removed when uninstalled.

3) Installs CSS that is NOT removed when uninstalled

4) After going in and manually uninstalling the massive trail left behind I had limespot caused Liquid errors trying to bring up the deleted limespot snippets which I had to get assistance from tech support to search for and remove from numerous other files.