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Personalizer - AI Recommendations by LimeSpot

Personalizer - AI Recommendations by LimeSpot

Developed by LimeSpot

1031 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Show your customers products they are more likely to buy and increase both the average basket size and conversion rate.
  • Independent 3rd-party study shows LimeSpot’s patented technology increases store revenues by up to 67%.
  • Your monthly fee is waived if we drive less than 5 times your monthly subscription fee.

#1 Rated Product Recommendation App on Shopify.

(Last update: Apr. 2018)

New: Ryviu integration

Why LimeSpot?

  • ONE app combining the features of several apps.

  • 100% risk-free pricing structure aimed at helping your shop grow and succeed.

  • Personalizer App is making $27MM / month for our Shopify store owners

What we do:

Make more money by turning shoppers into buyers. LimeSpot Personalizer AI increases your revenue by showing the right product, to the right shopper, at the right time.

  • Multiple Product Recommendation Boxes on every page

  • Product Recommendation Pages linked in Main Menu (Unique to LimeSpot)

  • Upsell and Cross-sell Tools on Cart page

  • Real-time Reporting Dashboard (Unique to LimeSpot)

    • Revenue per Visitor

    • Product view per Visitor

    • Average Order Size

    • Sales / Product View Click through rate

  • Built-in Appearance (CSS) Customization

    • 100% responsive on tablets and smartphones

    • Fully integrated with ShopPad Fablet Mobile App and Storefront

    • Customized for multiple themes including Out of the Sandbox

    • Sales / Product View Click through rate

  • A/B Test Tool

  • Multiple Websites coverage (Unique to LimeSpot)

    • You can now publish your Intelligent Recommendations from your store on your other websites

  • Sell more with LimeSpot Personalizer:

  • A Third-party study from Compass shows the average increase in performance in stores after installing LimeSpot:

    • Average increase in revenues: 18.35% – 67.04%

    • Average increase in cart size: 1.18% – 9.77%

    • Average increase in conversions: 5.56%

  • Read more from Compass about how personalization works.

  • What’s New?

    • New Analytics in LimeSpot Real-time dashboard

      • Purchase to Product View CTR

      • Product View per Visit

      • Revenue per Visit

      • Average Order Size

    • Product Analytics (new page): Breakdown of your customer interactions with each product and through each source.

      • Filterable by Source: Popular, Related, Upsell, Cross Sell, etc.

      • Sortable by Action: Product view, Add to Cart, Purchased and Time Spent.

      • Ranked by popularity and trends.

    • New Arrivals in a Collection: Additional settings that allow you to show only new arrivals from a collection of your choice in your Product Pages and Collection Page(s).


    1. Intelligent Product Recommendations on all pages:

      • Most Popular Products

      • Related Products

      • You May Like

      • Frequently Bought Together

      • New Arrivals

      • Trending Products

      • Featured Collections

      • Recently Viewed

    2. Intelligent Dynamic Pages (show-case your LimeSpot driven recommendations as a separate page):

      • You May Like

      • Most Popular Products

      • Trending Products

      • Featured Collections

      • Recently Viewed

    3. Upsell Recommendations

    4. Cross-sell Recommendations

    5. Instant "Add-to-Cart" on product pictures

    6. Recommendations on Search and 404 Error Pages

    7. Top Picks for You (a personalized page using Facebook login)

    8. Product Analytics (new):

      • Lists of Products filterable by Interaction Source (Upsell, Cross-sell, Most Popular, Top Picks, Related Items, etc.)

      • Lists of Products sortable by Action Frequencies (# of Views, # of Add to Carts, # of Orders, Purchases, Time Spent on Product)

      • Ranking Products by Popularity and Trends

      • Breakdown of Product Performance by Interaction Sources

    How does LimeSpot work?

    LimeSpot's bespoke technology creates Intelligent Recommendation Boxes that can be placed in your store and will showcase the products your specific customers are most likely to buy. Make sure you know what is going on by taking a look at LimeSpot’s robust analytics dashboard where you can see how LimeSpot is helping to grow your store.

    Recommendation Boxes can be displayed on all your “Homepage”, “Collection Pages”, “Product Pages”, “Checkout”, "Search", "404 Error" and “Blog Pages”. All Recommendation Boxes work on mobile devices and you can use them on ShopPad’s Fablet Mobile Storefront and Fablet Mobile Apps

    Product Categories:

    • Related Products: Cross-sell and upsell by showing customers products related to the one they are currently viewing, or the ones in their cart.

      • Handpick Curation: Who knows your store better than you? Take control of your related items and choose items that you know work well together.

      • Automatic Curation: Let LimeSpot automatically and intelligently relate items using product titles, descriptions, and all other attributes and associated tags.

      • Mixed: Handpick a small set of related items and let LimeSpot finish the job and choose the rest for you.

    • Frequently Bought Together: Upsell by showing products that buyers frequently buy together.

    • You May Like: Upsell by showing products based on your shopper's actions and behavior on your site.

    • Most Popular Items: Use social proof to entice your customers with the most popular products on your website.

      • Storewide: Recommend your most popular products on any page.

      • Within a Collection: Recommend your store’s most popular items from any of your collections, on any page.

    • New Arrivals: Show your latest Collection/Product(s)

    • Trending Products: Stay on top of trends in your store by showing which of your products are going viral.

    • Featured Items: Show your most popular products on different pages around your store.

    • Recently Viewed
      Remind shoppers of products they have considered buying before.

    LimeSpot is powered by big data, linguistic analysis, shopper behavior, and intelligent machine learning to deliver the best results to you and your customers.

    Customizable Appearance to Match Your Brand:

    LimeSpot’s Intelligent Recommendation Boxes display seamlessly with all major Shopify themes. These are just some of the variables you can customize to make sure LimeSpot best matches your brand:

    • Recommendation box appearance

    • Product picture size

    • Maximum number of recommended products per page

    • And finally, if you have more than one website, you can publish all of your Intelligent Recommendations from your store to your other websites:

      • Intelligent Recommendation on your external sites;

      • Seamless integration with your web-store and inventory; and

      • Recommend based on shopper behavior.

      For more information about this feature, please contact our support.

      Important Note:

      • Our Popular and Trending Products Recommendation Boxes rely on real behavioral data from your store, which LimeSpot starts monitoring upon installation. It may take up to a week for LimeSpot to learn from behavior on your store and display products that are genuinely popular.


      For questions and support please see our Help Center, or
      contact us.

      See a Live Demo
      of LimeSpot's features.


      Get LimeSpot Now!

      Trying the LimeSpot app is risk-free. For more information
      try LimeSpot now, or check out our website, Facebook, or Twitter pages.

      ★★★★★ Thetrendyest

      I always look at reviews like "They paid someone to write this" lol

      But truly, this app and the limespot team are great.
      Apps always need to have a great customer support team for customization and what not and this app has exactly that.
      Fast responding team (within a day) that know what they're doing in terms of coding.

      Great app.
      I recommend.

      ★★★★★ Smart Living Market

      I love the app and the paying system is really fair! It's powerful and customizable if you are not using this to cross-sell all over your site you are missing out!

      Also the support is reachable, helpful and very patient 5/5

      ★★★★★ Mucho Mex

      With basically no effort on my part other than a few clicks here and there, this app has made a big difference. Great support too.

      Highly recommend this app!

      ★★★★★ Waggz Apparel

      Lovelovelove this app, I've used it on several sites and it's beyond useful -- especially the analytics section! Support is very friendly and helpful and I've recommended it to several friends that run eCommerce stores as well.

      5+ stars :) Thanks for the awesome app!

      ★★★★★ Roma Designer Jewelry

      UPDATE: Customer service continues to be stellar. Solution oriented, willingness to accommodate special circumstances and Leo went out of his way today to customize something I couldn't figure out on my own. Highly recommended!

      Unbelievable customer service + unparalleled customization of upsell/cross-sell settings has made Limespot one of our most important apps.

      Our jewelry pieces usually have coordinating pieces (necklace with matching earrings and bracelet) and with all of the "big-data" automation options out there, we were still not getting the result we wanted.

      Limespot allows us to put a "complete the look" section on every product page with the matching pieces front and center. It does take some time to manually go through and match these pieces, but not as much as the other options we had explored prior to deciding to go with Limespot. The effort is worth it for us and we are already seeing great results.

      In addition to manually matching coordinating pieces, we have taken advantage of LimeSpot's technology to auto-populate bestseller and other similar categories. I can't say enough about how pleased I am to have found a recommendation engine that gives us the both of both worlds - the ease of automated suggestions and the ability to control suggestions we prefer to be making.

      On top of this, the support team has helped us with visual customizations making it work well and look good in our store.

      Love it!

      ★★★★★ Nanogama

      Amazing experience! It is a pleasure to work with their team, they have helped us integrate plugin into our store, made it look & feel like part of our shop. And after we have migrated to new theme, they have also updated the plugin to match new style.

      Communication is always quick and professional. Would definitely recommend LimeSpot to anyone.

      Best of all - it really helps to sell more!:)

Personalizer - AI Recommendations by LimeSpot reviews

1031 reviews
  1. 5 stars (979 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (30 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (5 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (3 reviews)
  5. 1 star (14 reviews)

Easy installation, great value, very convenient for my site and best support ever!


Really great app. We're a small family-run business and only in the launch period at the moment. Although we're a new start-up business this app has already driven plenty of traffic to our popular and promoted products.
You can tinker with the settings and have it just how you want it.

Really love it!
Great response time too from the developers after I emailed them.
Couldn't be happier :)

Check out our site for beautiful bespoke dressmaking fabrics, you won't find a better service anywhere else - www.fabworks.co.uk


I was using another app for this purpose before and Limespot works at least as well (maybe better) is far easier to integrate, and is much less expensive. I love Limespot!


The app is great makes my store look great! I recommend this app.


Update: I have since been informed that they have lowered their prices. So I am giving it a five star rating. The app is very good, I just could not afford the monthly fee before.

Good app, but I am not going to pay 75 bucks a month for it. It's not that good.


the app looks and works great! I look forward to growing my business with Limespot


My site started getting reports of not loading and slow loading and I experienced this a few times until I could not ignore it any longer. I contacted Shopify to report the problem and they helped me trouble shoot slow loading and timeout of the Limespot javascript. I goto the Limespot control panel and I get this shakedown message about needing to pay $29.99 for what they deem is the service level I currently use. Regardless, I opted to remove the app and will find another. I did not like the inability to have more control over the related products. They did have a nice uninstall script. Given their change and poor performance, they are going to need it.


I ran into a couple of problems early on, but the support was there and they provided a quick and custom solution. A great app on the whole for better understanding your customers and their requirements


Great app and great support, the help they provided me was customized, a must have in your store!


This is a great app. The app is really easy to install and customise, although it would benefit I think from some additional customisation features in the dashboard (I understand this will be considered in later releases). The app selects "Related products" that really are related in some way. Its quite amazing. "Recently viewed products" are great to show on collection pages and checkout pages to enable customers to easily go back to a product they have seen before. We have set up "Trending Products" on the home page, which reflect products that potential customers are currently viewing the most. I haven't tried "top picks for you" yet but I am looking forward to that. The customer service was very responsive and excellent. They customized the look of the recommendations for us. Good luck with the app!


From $0.00 / month

Our affordable pricing is based on your existing Shopify Plan. Visit our Pricing Details here.

✔ Related / Similar Items
✔ Most Popular / Trending Items
✔ You May Like Items
✔ Frequently Bought Together
✔ New Arrivals & Recently Viewed Items
✔ Upsell and Cross-Sell Tools
✔ CSS Customization Tools
✔ Real-time Dashboard including
   ✔ Product Clicks Details & Sources
   ✔ Add-to-Cart Items Details & Sources
   ✔ Purchased Items Details & Sources
   ✔ Purchase/Product View CTR
   ✔ Revenue per Visitor
   ✔ Product View per Visitor
   ✔ and many more ...

We also provide:
✔ Free Theme Customization
✔ Free App Configuration
✔ And Performance Top Tips

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