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Bearbeitet am 1. Juni 2023

This is the exact type of app I need for my store to be sure that, since I am a one-woman-show in my business, I don't get overwhelmed or burnt out in doing too many orders a week.
I keep asking for help in setting things up and I don't feel like I'm getting good assistance. Seems more so like I am a bother. Looong response time and I need to get things going. They also aren't thorough in their responses, to which makes one feel like you're bothering THEM.
Maybe someone else will have better luck with this app?
Going to look at other apps similar to this one. I don't see the point in paying for this app, if I cant even get help! Back to the drawing board!

Jubilee's Pot Pies
Vereinigte Staaten
2 monate mit der App
MageComp hat geantwortet 11. August 2023

Hello Ally,

We apologize for the inconvenience you faced with our app.

We've been trying to reach out to you to understand your requirements or the issue you're facing with the app.

We expect to hear back from you this time.

MageComp Shopify Team