Limited Edition

Limited Edition

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Highlight Limited Edition Products’ Exclusivity to Grow Sales

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Show Limited Edition Products

Make Limited Edition products stand out to customers shopping on all of your collections and product pages.

Sell Limited Edition Products

Make buying exclusive merchandise feel urgent by advertising the limited quantity of items ever produced VS how many you have left in stock.

Customize Your Messaging

Fully integrate Limited Edition messaging with established website brand identity using our fully customizable backend functionality.

Over Limited Edition

We Help You Generate Urgent Demand For Your Exclusive Limited Edition Products

Highlight Your Limited Edition Products’ Exclusivity to Grow Sales Fast

As a limited edition product seller, advertising the finite nature of your merchandise can be a powerful marketing tool. Our Limited Edition app is the ONLY Shopify app that enables you to show customers exactly how many limited edition items you’ve ever produced against how many of each item you still have left in stock. Simply advertising these two figures alongside one another on both your homepage, collections pages, and product pages naturally generates urgent demand for your exclusive products!


  • Limited Edition is the ONLY Shopify app that lets you shows customers exactly how many limited edition product units you’ve ever produced.
  • Boost limited edition sales by advertising how many exclusive units you have left in stock.
  • Our fully customizable backend gives you complete creative control, seamlessly integrating our capabilities with your branding.


Compatible with Any Store

Whether your entire collection is filled with limited edition products or your store sells a few limited edition products among other replenishable inventory, our app can seamlessly integrate with your needs. Through our app, you enter the total number of products and variants ever made for each limited edition unit type independently from the rest of your Shopify inventory. For items that aren’t limited edition? Leave our fields blank. We won’t get in your way!

Fully Customizable Messaging

We believe that maintaining brand consistency is crucial. That’s why our Limited Edition app comes complete with a fully customizable backend functionality. We give you full authority over customizing the wording, color, styling, and positioning of your unique limited edition messaging. Messaging generated by the Limited Edition app generally populates right below your product title. This messaging can, though, be repositioned anywhere within your theme code. Should you require further design customization, CSS classes are available.

Simple Installation

After purchasing the Limited Edition app, you’ll receive simple two-step installation instructions. Our app auto installs for free Shopify themes.

Not comfortable with code? Email us and we’ll install the app for you!

Safe Testing

Want to test out new designs? The Limited Edition app can be enabled or disabled with just one click, making testing safe and easy.

Fast support

Should problems arise, our technical support staff is available to help you find solutions fast.

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4.3 van 5 sterren

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I would like to use this app very much.
However, I installed it, but it doesn't work.
I'm getting a message saying "Request origin cannot be verified.
Can you please help me?


trying to install and its not working

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

1 juni 2020

Thank you for contacting us on Sunday, and putting a 1 start in Monday morning before we could address the issue. I believe It is fixed now.

Mocha Loafers

Excellent App ! Thank you !
I had a problem and Nico from the app helped me and he solved the problem!
I recommande !