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Linio Sales Channel

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This is the Linio integration you were waiting for.

Linio is one of the leading marketplaces in Latin America. With presence in 5 countries, our sellers have access to a huge market of over 300 million people. In just a few steps, you can start selling your products in the world's fastest-growing e-commerce region.

And now it's easier than ever, since Linio is available as a Shopify Sales Channel. Through this integration, you can join our marketplace in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico or Peru wherever you are, and smoothly manage your Linio product catalog and fulfill orders from the comfort of Shopify.

With Shopify and the Linio Sales Channel, you can:

  1. Manage your catalog: The App will push all your enabled products into the Sales Channel, by creating or updating them in Linio's Seller Center. You can set your product's attributes individually or massively by importing a CSV.

  2. Order processing: Orders created in Linio will be automatically reflected in Shopify. You can process orders using preselected Linio shipment providers and get print-ready documents inside Shopify, or use your own shipment provider.

  3. Stock synchronized automatically: The App is designed to have a synchronous real time connection between both systems in order to update stock on both sides each time a user updates stock manually or an order is created in both stores.

If you are interested in being a seller at Linio, please let us know. We are always happy to help you.

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  • Linio Argentina,
  • Linio Chile,
  • Linio Colombia,
  • Linio Mexico,
  • Linio Peru

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1.3 de 5 étoiles

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TU beauty store

He intentado como ingeniero de sistemas subir el archivo de productos siguiendo todos campos al pie de la letra, he subido más de 1000 archivos csv en otros programas, pero acá perdí más de 100 horas. Y lo peor es que nadie en Linio responde , multiples emails a soporte tanto de sistemas , de apis, y servicio. Pero nada de nada.


Aplicacion no funcional muy mala.... no sirve, deben verificar la aplicacion por q no funciona, llevo dias intentando y linio dice no conocer la misma.


Here we are trying to start selling in some marketplaces. This app is a great idea to manage all our products just in on platform... but there is a big problem: why do we need to sync all our products separated per SKU depending on the variations it has?? to upload to linio one whole product we need to do all the process like 3 to 5 times. Why not to make the app allow us to sync a whole product with all the variations together? Me and my team really think that's a better idea.