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Building Smart Internal Links Just Got Easier

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Link Suggestions as You Write

Link Whisper starts suggesting relevant internal links when you start writing your article right in Shopify! Internal links are done.

Build Links to Old Posts

Quickly see which pages have very little or no internal links pointing to them. Then just as quick add new links to old posts.

Control Your Settings

You are in complete control over what gets internal links and what doesn't. Use advanced settings to optimize your site.

À propos de Link Whisper


Link Whisper is a Revolutionary Shopify App to Speed Up the Process of Internal Linking and Help You Rank Better in Google.

Is there anything you dislike more than going up and down products looking for just the right place to put a link to your latest blog post? There probably is, but building internal links has to be pretty close to it.

And that's where Link Whisper comes in. Link Whisper will scan your content and suggest links for you! You can save hours of time building links, and do it all in just a few mouse clicks.

Link Whisper works by scanning your Blog Posts, Pages, Collections and Products and determining where in the description would be a good place to link to another Blog Post, Page, Collection or Product.

The process is entirely automatic, all you have to do is select the links you want to create from the suggestions Link Whisper generates and BOOM! Instant internal links!

You can refine the suggestions by telling Link Whisper what words you want it to ignore, and what items you don't want it to make links to. You can even set it to not make links to whole content types. So if you don't want to make links to Store Pages, you can tell Link Whisper not to suggest links to Store Pages.

Link Whisper also provides you with deep statistics on how many internal links an item has, other items that it links to, and any links it has going to sources outside the store.

From the Dashboard you get detailed reports on your total inbound and outbound link counts. The top domains you're linking to and the number of orphaned items your store has.

Want more details on your external links? Link Whisper has a report for that too! The Domain report aggregates all of your store's links and shows what domains they all go to. While the Clicks report will tell you what links users are actually clicking on.

Sound good, but you're not sure about slapping down cash on another maybe? Link Whisper has you covered! We offer a full 7 day free trial! If for any reason you're not satisfied, you can cancel with no questions asked.

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Hammy's Healing Hut

This app is awesome. It's easy to use, and makes something that's usually difficult very easy, which is exactly what we all want!

Réponse du développeur

14 juillet 2021

Glad you love Link Whisper! Thanks for sharing :)

Adorable Stuffed Animals

This is one of my favorite apps! The main reason I like it is because I think it's fun to use, and I feel like I can just keep going and going. Also, it's not expensive. Many apps are gratuitously expensive. This one isn't. It also provides you with a lot of interesting information, such as how many times people have clicked on a particular link. How are my numbers so low!?

Réponse du développeur

14 juillet 2021

Glad you love using Link Whisper and that you find it fun to use! Thanks again!

5D with Timothy

I need help. After successfully using the app for a week, I suddenly get a message that I do not have any right to use it. How do I contact support?

Réponse du développeur

29 janvier 2021

Hi Timothy,

We have occasionally seen this kind of problem happen due to browser settings. Usually it's because the browser is blocking cookies or something similar. We should be able to solve it, but we'll need you to create a support ticket so we can discuss the problem.

Would you please open a support ticket here: