Related Products by AWS

Related Products by AWS

od Linkcious

Increase your conversions by 50% using artificial intelligence

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Installs Amazon Personalize

Amazon Personalize lets you use the same machine learning technology used by to recommend your Shopify products.

Artificial Intelligence

Performs machine learning to increase your conversions. Increases the precision of related products and results in more sales.

Easy Implementation

We help you implement complex product personalizations in your store in minutes, not months.

Podrobnosti o Related Products by AWS


This app is updated with faster and more accurate algorithms. You will also be able to use Amazon Personalize in your shop.

Using Linkcious Related Products within your e-commerce site

Linkcious Related Products is newly improved, with better artificial intelligence and the capability to use Amazon Personalize directly on your shop.

As Amazon Personalize needs to collect enough data before it can be implemented, we will use our proprietary algorithm until your store is ready to run Amazon Personalize.

(a) Easily increase your sales by recommending related products using Machine Learning

Linkcious's Related Product is a product recommendation engine that allows e-commerce stores to automatically recommend related products on their product pages using Amazon’s product recommendation engine.

Unlike other systems, Linkcious uses artificial intelligence to select related products to show. Linkcious AI reads contextual information, clickthrough data, and social interactions to increase conversion rates. Users report huge conversion rates improvements.

(b) Option to Pick Recommendations Manually

We use awesome algorithms but sometimes you might want to pick something yourself. We allow the option to manually select products on every page if you desire!

(c) Easily Exclude Products You Don't Want to Recommend

Easily exclude products just by inserting a tag. (Coming soon)

Improves the SEO on your shop automatically

By selecting related product links and dynamically showing them using clean anchor tags, Linkcious Related Products improves the SEO on pages the widget is on.

Note: This SEO functionality is available for selected paid versions only.

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  • 500,000 Impressions
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  • SEO Ranking Power Up

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Appliance Parts Canada

App not working emailed support no reply and it's been a week. I don't understand why shopify allows this app

Odpověď vývojáře

11. březen 2019


I'm so sorry for the inconvenience caused. But we have actually replied to you last week 2 times.

Could you perhaps check your junk mail and see if the mail end up in there? If not, could you provide me with an alternative email where we can communicate with you?

Once again, apologize for the inconvenience caused.


Really bad at indexing the website. hard to install it in the website , very disappointed !!

Ofx Furniture

Excellent application and excellent customer service!