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Abandonment Protector

Abandonment Protector

Developed by Chilliapps

159 reviews
Price: $8.00 / month Free Trial: 21 days More info
  • Automatically retrieves your lost sales.
  • Great tools that allow you to create the best strategies to recover abandoned shopping carts.
  • It´s really easy to customize and you can import automatically your abandoned checkouts of the last 30 days before installing the app.

True Story

You sell items that your customers love! But most checkout processes are abandoned for hundreds of different reasons such as not having a credit card handy, or simply your client left the decision for later.

How it works

Abandonment Protector is a very complete tool that detects when your customers abandon the checkout process. With simple tools, you can configure a recovery strategy by sending automated emails.

We have a simple start guide with tutorial videos and recommendations to help you create your recovery strategy.

You can send up to 3 email templates per abandoned cart and configure different shipping times for each. If the customer makes multiple checkouts, the email sequence will be restarted in accordance with the info of the most recent checkout.


We believe that our users deserve not only professional and courteous service but also the most competitive prices possible. That is why we offer up to 5,000 recovery emails for only $8 per month. If you think you will be handling larger numbers of recovery emails, you can increase or decrease the number o emails included in your plan anytime.

More and better features!

  • Gallery of Pre-Designed Email Templates. It includes the customer's name, product image and a link to return to the shopping cart with the same settings at the time of abandonment. All you have to do is edit them in accordance with your recovery strategy.

    • Responsive Email Templates. The easier way to ensure that your email campaigns look good on any device.

      • "Drag and Drop" Email Editor. Powerful tools for easy personalization of your email templates.

        • Advanced email campaigns. Allows you to schedule the sending of special templates depending on the cart value, country, date range, and carts with a single particular product.

          • Stats page. It helps you to get a better idea of how your current and potential customers are reacting with each email template or advanced campaign. It includes a map with the locations of your checkouts.

            • Customer Management Tool. Something that sets us apart is that our app provides the ability to manually manage negotiations with customers when necessary.

              • Free Contact Form. You can activate and set up a simple contact form and use our smart management tools.

                • Premium Support for all. We offer a completely personalized service for all our users.

                  • Free trial. From day one you will see that we have more and better features at the lowest price.

                  • You will find start guides and explanations for each feature during the process. Also, you can contact us anytime.

Abandonment Protector reviews (159)


This is handy to have if you're using Shopify's basic plan, which doesn't include automated cart recovery.


One of the most important apps to have for customer cart follow-up, and it allows for 3 abandoned cart emails. I don't think Mailchimp has 3.


Such a great app for recovering purchases that would have been lost forever! Brilliant value for money and by far the best app you will install all year.


Great App...we have made a lot of money using it over the past 6 months!


Fantastic App with the best support I have ever encountered. Fernando is very active and happy to help in any way he can. Amazing!!!!


Très bonne application, je l'ai installée il n'y a pas très longtemps et e recommande !


Amazing App! Quick Installation.Easy to use!


Does what I need it to do and helps increase my conversions.

Joshua Samuel


Once responded, the developer team is working closely with me to resolve my issue. Fernando is awesome!


If I could give them a no star I would!. The abandonment app is horrible because the conversion is very low. And they know this so the system rounds it up higher % to make it seems as if your conversion is high. There is no stats to tell you how the emails opening rate are performing. The app does not tell you that you are not converting and that you need to revise your subject lines or your body. Nothing!
You do not know your open rate or your click rate so your conversion rate will always be less than because you don't have information to make decisions on the subject line and the click rate. So you're just winging it in the dark!
BUT THAT IS NOT THE WORST...THE WORST IS THE CONTACT US THAT IS ATTACHED to their app....I was running facebook and other promotions and getting very small abandon carts, yesterday I had 105 visitors and only 2 person added to cart. I kept thinking that it was the campaigns and kept killing them. Then I added a recording app so I could see where customers were dropping off. Only to see that when visitors land on the page,THE CONTACT US POP UP CAME ON AND COVERED MY SALES PAGES AND THE VISITORS HAD A DIFFICULT TIME GETTING RID OF IT, so naturally most of them just came off. Here I was spending money to advertise and this app was opening in less than 2 seconds and not allowing visitors to see my sales page! Now I see why my ads were not converting.STAY AWAY FROM THE CONTACT US FREE APP THEY PROVIDE. When I saw this I went on my apps and deleted my other contact app because I did not remember which app it was, But the app would not go away. I sent a message to myself hoping it would come to me and I could see the app. The message never came. Finally I had to call shopify support. He tested the website and found the same thing, the contact us popping up and covering the sales page. He was there searching through the codes trying to find the app and couldn't. Finally he found out that it was the abandon cart that was the issue. He went in and turn the app off. They made it so difficult to find out which app it was. And when I went in I had about 3 messages that that customers sent to them but they never forwarded to me. Also the message I sent to myself, it was NOT THERE! So this app is: blocking customers from viewing the sales page,
takes the message and then lose some of them, I have no clue how many people tried to contact me and I never got the messages.
And the messages that it did record was sitting in an inbox inside the app platform! How ridiculous is that! And there was no you have message notification that let you know when you logged into the app.
Who would be going in and checking it for messages.
I had another app on my home page and as soon as someone filled it out, the message was sent directly to my email.
I contacted them and detailed what had happen. Someone from customer service responded that he went on my site and saw two pop ups and none of them was theirs. Seriously! I spend the time to write a detail of what happened, stated I contacted shopify and that they turned the app off and the only message I could get from this "customer service help" was that I have two pop usp on my site that is not theirs. That tells me how they really care about the money I pay them every month. STAY AWAY FROM THEM-THERE ARE OTHER APPS THAT WILL GIVE BETTER INFORMATION AND A BETTER CONVERSION RATE!
UPDATE 11/09/2016: I was working on something else and forgot to delete this app. Do you know that the developer NEVER contacted me again about the charges. But he kept on sending charges to shopify for me to pay for his app. So for 2 months I paid for this app and the developer never asked me if I got the issue resolved. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!!!
I am watching this time for the end date because its the 22nd of the month and I keep forgetting and then I will delete them and NEVER USE THEM AGAIN.
How bad can you be that a customer reached out to you, wrote a horrible review of your app and you did not care enough to take the time to reach out to the customer and find out if you can help. THIS IS THE WORST APP ON SHOPIFY. All about money and not about customer service!!!!!!

$8.00 / month

Up to 5,000 recovery emails per month.
If you think you will be handling larger numbers of recovery emails, you can increase or decrease the number of emails included in your plan anytime.

21 days

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