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  • Incentivize your visitors to share links to your products
  • Get high quality and convertible referral traffic
  • Boost your sales

Affiliate Marketing Done Right

Affiliate marketing is the most cost-effective marketing channel. No initial budget is required and it can scale endlessly. Amazon -- the eCommerce giant -- was actually built on that...

However, starting and managing an affiliate program can be hard and time consuming. Banners, rich media, contracts... So we purified the essence of affiliate marketing into simple tagged links that enable anyone to become and affiliate marketer.

And when we say anyone, we mean anyone. We will help you turn your shop visitors into your active affiliate marketers within two clicks of a mouse.

How it Works

  • Install linkhere

  • Set the commission percentage you're willing to pay on each sale

  • Configure where the linkhere button should show on your storefront

  • Now your visitors will be able to leave their emails, and get personal tagged links to any of your shop's pages

  • They will share those links...

  • And when a sale is made by a customer who landed on your shop via one of those links, we'll send you a bill via Paypal

  • And that's all to it! It's as simple as that!

linkhere reviews (5)


What Homework Mountain said... No support. This would be a great app. It worked for a short time, but it is not compatible with theme and other apps and there is no way to edit this app in edit html/css in themes either. Imagine this working for some time... and people getting commission.. Then imagine it not working all of a sudden. Now all of your investment is LOST>! Very BAD!


Had this application for months and could never get it to work. Tried getting support- no one is home. Absolute waste of time!


Great app!


Just installed the app. I created a page explaining the referral program on my site: http://www.ramblinturtle.com/pages/share-get-paid. I think it would be helpful to include more info on Linkhere.co for "affiliates," so that they will feel more confident in this service.

FYI... There is a major typo on Linkhere.co landing page. "Don't making enough sales off referall traffic?" should be corrected, as it makes the page a little less credible (users want to see perfection with websites that involve financial transactions).

Other than these concerns, I think this system is a great opportunity for a small business / start-up trying to get the word out without spending loads of money upfront. Also, I like how it involves everyone without a complicated application process or coding system. The simplicity of Linkhere encourages all visitors to become an affiliate without the hassle.


Well done.


You set the commission percentage you're willing to pay for each sale we drive.
Once we drive a sale, we send you a bill via Paypal. Each dollar you pay as commission is split 80% for the referring user and 20% for us as a service fee.



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