Linkie URL Shortener

Linkie URL Shortener

開發者:Guz F

Easily shorten your Product, Collection & Page's URLs!

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Use your own store URL

Automatically generate custom URLs with your own store domain.

Products, Collections & Pages

Create custom URLs for your products (including variants), collections and pages!

Track clicks on each URL

You can view how many times each link was clicked.

有關 Linkie URL Shortener

Linkie URL Shortener is the perfect app for shop owners who are looking to create a their own short links and stop using unattractive long URLs.

Studies show that people are more likely to click on short and safe URLs than large and suspicious URLs. Your posts will look more professional.

Key features of Linkie URL Shortener:

  • Short URLs with your own shop's domain.
  • Short URLs using Linkie's domain.
  • Very easy to generate URLs.
  • Editable endpoints.
  • Create custom URLs for external websites.
  • No custom configuration required.

Clicks count of each URL

You can view how many times each URL was clicked and how many unique individuals clicked on it.



  • 隱私政策


Free Plan


  • Unlimited product, collection and page's URLs (with auto-generated endpoints).
  • Track link clicks.

Pro Plan

每月 $2.99

  • Unlimited product, collection and page's URLs (with custom endpoints).
  • Track link clicks.
  • Edit URLs.
  • Create custom redirects.

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

5.0 5 顆星


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Updated review 24/04/21
Changing from 4* to 5* following updates made by the developer, after reading my review and chatting by email they have updated the app and added a couple of premium features (which for the small charge are super useful) Great app, great dev :) -------------------------------------
Works exactly as advertised, the app interface seems to have trouble searching all my products but the link generation in the product page works exactly as it should which is more than enough for my use case. **BONUS Feature**
While not mentioned in the docs, the link generated works with you custom attached domain as well, for example if the app gives you.
then will work as well. I've dropped a note asking the dev to see if they can add this into the popup to save a little manual work.



Thank you so much for your review!
Yes, you can indeed use your custom domain (with or without "") and it will redirect you to the same page!
As requested, we will add the URL without "" to the list, so you don't have to copy it manually ;)