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Nice app.

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it doesn't work. it will set up for a few hours, then the link will stop working all together or it will take you back to whatever site you are on ie insta, twitter, tic tock...etc its annoying

Casa De Flores
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Shopify已回复 2022年10月21日

Thank you for your review, and I am sorry to hear that you've been having issues with the Linkpop app. The link to your Linkpop page should not be breaking as you've described, so this is something we'd need to troubleshoot for you. Please contact our support team directly and they'll be able to investigate this in more detail: https://bit.ly/2AWw5VA. -Victor, Shopify Support


First review: Does not work at all. please check. looking out for your feedback. cannot set it up. Too bad that linkpop is only in english btw EDIT: No reply whatsoever from support. Good job! The only contact I had was some kind of spam with a Gmail address. I told the seller not to contact me ever again.

bentelinn home
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Shopify已回复 2022年11月7日

Thank you for writing your review and I apologise for the delay in getting back to you here. In terms of the issues you're having getting the app working properly, I'd recommend getting in touch with our support team so we can investigate this further for you. Our team can authenticate you on the account and troubleshoot the problems you're having with the Linkpop app. You can get in touch with them here: https://bit.ly/2AWw5VA.

In terms of the Linkpop app being restricted to English, you can translate much of the app to other languages but there are some sections (such as the "Add to bag" and "Buy it now" options) which cannot be translated to other languages. I can appreciate why this is a frustration and I will be sure to pass your feedback onto our app development team. -Victor, Shopify Support


Great that Shopify developed its own Linktrrée feature! So far so good. Set-up is easy and work well and get be customized to match the own brand/store look.
Great is that you can even integrate and watch YouTube Videos on it.
And the product integration with instant Shopping is really great! Not good: I cannot translate the CTAs like "Add to bag" and "Buy it now".
So seems the developer forgot non EN-market user also like to use the app... URL: linkpop.com/yourstore - i dont like the link linkpop.com..
Would be better with just link.com/yourstore etc The Shopify Linkpop Logo at the bottom - there should be a option to disable the logo. Now will watch the stats and see if someone actually purchases through the linkpop. But is it safe for EU/DSGVO not so sure..

NUTRILOVERS | #WissenWasDrinIst
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Shopify已回复 2022年8月25日

We appreciate you taking the time to write your review and for letting us know that you've enjoyed using the Linkpop app so far, as well as some of your suggestions on how we can improve the app.

I can confirm that the Linkpop app is GDPR-compliant and that it can be used by merchants in the European Union without concern. I do appreciate that you'd prefer to be able to disable the Shopify and Linkpop logos on your store's own Linkpop page, and I will be sure to pass that feedback on to our development team.

I can also confirm that our development team are working on adding more translation options for the Linkpop app and that we hope to implement these soon. You should see this change in future updates.

Thank you again for reaching out and I hope the Linkpop app continues to be a useful tool for you and your business moving forward. -Victor, Shopify Support


Broken. Refuses to install. Just keeps looping, opening a new tab, with the same "click here to link your account" over and over again.

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Shopify已回复 2022年12月28日

Hey there, Shokt. Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review for LinkPop, and letting us know about this issue. I tested this in my test store and encountered the same issue but was able to fix it by doing the following. 1.) Download the 'Linkpop' Channel. 2.) Click the 'click here to link your account' button. 3.) when a new page loads, click on a different link on the page to be taken somewhere else. 4.) click the 'back' button on your browser, which is usually found within the top left. 5.) Click the button.

Just to note - this worked for me in my own store but I haven't been able to test this in other shops. This may do the trick! If you find that it doesn't, please try clearing your cache and cookies (https://nr.tn/3kpGTQ7), attempting the link using a different browser, and reset your internet and then try again. If you find that these suggestions don't do the trick, please reach out to our Live Team (https://bit.ly/2AWw5VA) so they can authenticate you and dig deeper into things for you. -Imogen, Shopify Support


I am trying to set up a shoppable link to put it on my Instagram and Tik Tok business profile, but is has been a pain point so far. Not clear how to connect the link with our products so customer can buy directly through Linkpop

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Shopify已回复 2022年12月30日

Hi there, Suprement. Thanks for leaving a review for Linkpop! You're able to link products from your store directly to your Linkpop page, so customers can access the page from anywhere and buy directly from it. You would add a product using the following steps: 1.) Login to your admin. 2.) access the Linkpop sales channel 3.) Click the 'add product' block that appears on the Linkpop set up page. 4.) browse your products and select the desired one. 5.) Click 'publish.' Your product will now be featured on your Linkpop page. When it comes to adding your Linkpop links to your social media accounts, you can likely add those directly to your bios, similar to how you would do it for Linktree. Hope you find this information helpful! If you need further assistance, please reach out to our Live Team using this link: https://bit.ly/2AWw5VA. -Imogen, Shopify Support


El link no sirve, cuando creas la página y lo quieres poner en instagram dice error. Es una pena porque es una opción buena.

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Póki co aplikacja ma jakiś błąd i nie można załadować żadnych produktów ze sklepu Shopify. Bez tej funkcjonalności jest ona nieprzydatna.

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Just another complete garbage offer by Shopify to let a 3rd party walk through your customer data. On the delete app page one gets this warning, "If you remove this sales channel, a request to erase your customers’ personal information from this sales channel will be sent to the developer after 48 hours unless the sales channel is reinstalled." Any idea how impressive it is to find that a third party (sales channel) developer now gets to choose if they want to keep your customers private data after being granted it by this app? To ANY of the merchants who have been using your site for years? Oh don't worry they'll be honest, wink..... Allowing an app to walk all over us so that you can avoid actually putting a function at actual shopify is still not impressive.

River Jade Smithy
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Shopify已回复 2022年8月25日

Thank you for taking the time to write your review and share your concerns regarding the Linkpop app. I would like to clarify that the app itself does not use or store customer data directly and that as a Shopify app, it adheres to all data and privacy guidelines. This includes GDPR and other data regulations followed by Shopify, which are mentioned here: https://bit.ly/3KltPqw.

The message you saw regarding a request being sent to the developer to erase customer data is not an accurate representation of what occurs when the Linkpop app is removed from a merchant's store, and it refers to this webbook which is invoked when an app is uninstalled: https://bit.ly/3wv0X9H.

I hope this has helped allieviate some of your concerns, but if you do have any further questions about the Linkpop app or how Shopify handles customer data, please feel free to contact our support team directly: https://bit.ly/2AWw5VA. -Victor, Shopify Support


no funciona. Pese a las malas reseñas he querido probarla porque el concepto me parece interesante, se instala pero no funciona.

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