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Lion Restock - Back In Stock Alerts

Lion Restock - Back In Stock Alerts

Developed by Lion Apps

214 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • Reclaim lost sales and increase revenue by sending email notifications to customers for out of stock products
  • Save time and drastically reduce customer support emails
  • Works right away, no coding nesecarry!

Automatically send emails to customers when they subscribe to out of stock products!

After just 12 days, one of our awesome customers Vapes.com achieved...

  • 456 restock email signups

  • 74 restock emails sent to customers

  • ADDITIONAL REVENUE OF $2,133.25 generated through restock emails


☞ See a Demo of the app in action! ☜

✩ Generate more Sales! ✩

Don't lose customers because your product is out of stock! Automatically email customers when a product is back in stock and see your sales start to rise.

✩ Save Time with Customer Support ✩

Let the app do the heavy lifting of customer support. No need to hope a customer emails you about an out of stock product

✩ Gain Insights Into Your Most Wanted Products ✩

Use the app's dashboard and reporting to see which apps are most in demand

✩ App Stats ✩

The following is a sample average of 100 stores using the app between Oct 15th - Oct 31st

  • Average email signups: 102

  • Average emails sent to customers: 34



✩ Features ✩

  • No Coding needed

  • Everything handled automatically

  • Customize the look of your emails and signup forms


Click The "Get button" at the top of the page to start making more sales right now!


The app was having issues connecting to Shopify during the 20th - 22nd of December. We take our reviews very seriously and we can ensure that moving forward this will not happen again.

Lion Restock - Back In Stock Alerts reviews

214 reviews
  1. 5 stars (178 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (14 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (7 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (14 reviews)

This application doesn't work with Theme Debut


It would have been nice to know in advance how much INSANELY this app would cost BEFORE installing it.


The key to a successful app is that it needs to be easy to use and it needs to work correctly. When I installed the app, the colors didn't change even though I changed them in the settings several times. I then e-mailed support and never heard back from them. I'll probably hear back from them after the app is deleted and I've moved on to one that actually works - which tells me that this app maker has no understanding of how e-commerce business thrive.


App doesn't . work properly. I tried multiple times to update settings and it just kept asking me for to connect my shop url (even though I did it multiple times over).


The App stopped working after a couple of month taking all of our valuable data with it and no one from the company will respond to any of our emails!

I'm pretty sure it's a scam app just trying to get email addresses and data that they will now sell on!

Should definitely be removed from shopify!


This App was really good, and then without any noticed it stopped working! No email or anything. Trying to re-install but won't allow this. Really poor customer service.


Was free and then no notification and it changed to a monthly cost. Because of the no notice the application stopped working so anything I had has been lost. Not at all impressed.
Wont invest in a product where the app developers do not consider the impact on their client. I would have happily paid but I wont when I have no confidence in the reliability of the product where the developer can rip it away without notice.


After few months realize the App didn't work and lost list of clients that already signup and lost $$. And now realize there is a charge of $20.


Great app! And it's free, easy to install and use.

**EDIT** Not so good that it's now from $19.99 p/month


Update: Stopped working 1 month in, lol



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