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Lipscore Supercharged Reviews

Lipscore Supercharged Reviews

Developed by Lipscore.com

9 reviews
Price: From $169.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • The most efficient reviews plugin in the world! (at least 2x that of Yotpo and the rest)
  • 100% automated collection from existing customers
  • 30 days free trial for everyone

Ratings and reviews is about 2 things:

  1. Increasing sales through engaging in customer dialogue
  2. Controlling your reputation

Number 1 is pretty obvious and probably why you are here in the first place but did number 2 come as a surprise? It doesn't really
matter if you're a huge multinational corporation or selling your one-of-a-kind handcrafted knitting; engaging in your customers and
controlling your reputation is key. Lipscore enables you to do this better than any other company out there.

Ask yourself this; how do you know if a customer of yours is unhappy? The answer is that you don't because the chance of the
customer contacting your for any other reason than that the product is broken is very slim. So what do you do?

With ratings and reviews from Lipscore we not only tell you what more than 20% (yes, more than twenty percent!) of your customers
think, we also provide the tools to reach out and make sure that every customer is spreading the right message about you.

Big or Small

Let's not lie; Lipscore is still a pretty small company. In fact we have to date not spent a single dollar on marketing (!) and yet we have
some of the largest brands in their fields as customers. How can that be?? It's because we work hard to deliver the very best product
possible and the most flexible pricing model, we have outstanding support and integration is a breeze. We also have NEVER had a single month
of business with under 20% response rates and because we don't focus too much on the competition we have made some completely unique
tools that lets you manage your customers in a way that none of our competitors can.

What about you? Are you Big? Or small? Either way we're backed by state of the art custom made software on one of the most reliable and scalable
cloud platforms in the world, and our pricing is scalable. Too big or too small simply doesn't exist. Our Shopify plugin supports a range of different languages and options and if you check the app's version history it's updated frequently
telling you that we're serious about what we do and that we're serious about Shopify.

Some of our features:

  • Support trigger - make unhappy customers your next brand ambassadors
  • Review invitation emails - customers need to be reminded, it's the only way
  • Reply to reviews - show everyone how great your support is
  • Unbeatable support - help is at your fingertips
  • Localisation - if we don't have your language we'll add it within a week
  • Google Rich Snippets - ratings and reviews in search results
  • Images and videos - users can upload images and youtube videos of their purchases
  • Moderation - moderate fake reviews or reviews with inappropriate contemt
  • Optional 5 or 10 rating stars - sometimes 5 just isn't enough!
  • Custom branding - it is, after all, your site isn't it?
  • Incentives / coupons - increase loyalty by giving reviewers discounts
  • Social logins, reviews are listed with full name and picture
  • more features are continuously being developed

Join Lipscore - Supercharged Ratings and Reviews

Lipscore Supercharged Reviews reviews

9 reviews
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I recommend this app to anyone who has a online business its great


We're loving this app. Henning is so prompt and helpful, it's been a great experience. Highly recommend.


I've got to say that this was a breeze to implement and the support has been outstanding. If you're looking for an affordable review and commenting system this is it!


Final Update: Here it is final update. Shopify themselves directed me to these guys but let me tell you, the DEFAULT shopify reviews with another app that is paired really nicely with it has REALLY nice features like auto email and everything. Definetly recommend that over this as this requires a massive amount of file edits and they brand alot

Update: Ok so I spoke to them and apparently you only have to login if you arent logged into the store to do the review. Would still love to customize the email and the timeframe a little bit further but its ok where its at. Very customizeable as far as css goes though

Couple issues I had with this service, YOU REQUIRED people to login with some type of social media to actually do the review. Some or I should say most people do not want to do this as they think we are grabbing their informaiton if they log in with social media


We were looking for a way that our customers could rate our product with the least amount of effort, and this is just what we needed. These guys really stand behind their product and communicate with you promptly. It’s “really” free, no strings attached. I believe Lipscore has a bright future, and would highly recommend them.


I installed this on my store and it looks great, there are numerous great features available including, offering discounts for customers writing a review! This alone makes the app worth getting.
I also contacted support at one point and got an almost instant reply, their advice was friendly and helpful!

I would recommend lipscore to anyone wanting a top notch review system!


We don't have any reviews yet but the fact that this App will automatically send emails to customers requesting reviews is amazing. I also love the simplicity of it's appearance and I didn't have any trouble following the instructions. Thanks!


I doubt you will find a more helpful and accommodating group of people then those here at Lipscore. They worked with us for two weeks to help us customize a program and I have never experienced that level of support from an app builder before. Great job!


excellent coms from the developer, helped me with setting it up, review app looks great on my site. so far much better than all lipscores competitors and its free!

From $169.00 / month

Lipscore has your back regardless of how big you are. We have customers with thousands of sales per month and customers with just a few. Our pay-as-you-go pricing model suits everyone.

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